Meet Izanami, Maplestory’s Powerful New Boss!

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    "Your existence is meaningless, your struggle to live is futile, and it’s time for you to disappear."

    Deep within Blackgate City, a new evil will awaken… At the heart of the city, deep within the earth, lies a gate to another dimension. Untold monsters have stemmed from the breach, and now the greatest threat of all makes her appearance.

    Prepare to meet the brand-new boss, Izanami! This goddess of creation and death is breaking out of hell and entering Maple World.

    During your fight with Izanami, players must balance on the border between life and death. Keep an eye on the Libra scale marker that appears at the beginning of the fight and marks the edge of "Life" and "Death".

    • LIFE – When you use a potion or healing skill, the scales will tip toward "Life".
    • DEATH – When you deal damage to the boss, the scales will tip toward "Death".

    It’s critical that you keep the balance! If the scales tip all the way to "Life", Izanami will start to regenerate her HP. If the scales tip all the way to "Death", your character will perish! All players will have 4 lives available during the fight.

    Izanami has several powerful skills to keep you on your toes.

    • Noroi: If you’re unfortunate enough to receive Izanami’s curse skill, any potions you consume will deal damage to you! The curse lasts 44 seconds.
    • Miasma: This skill poisons you at the beginning of the fight, dropping 25% of your overall HP every 44 seconds. Your HP will not drop below 1.
    • Yomi: With this skill, Izanami places a "gaze" status on you, which will immediately deal 1 damage when your HP reaches 1. The "gaze" status lasts 44 seconds.

    In addition to these skills, Izanami has other abilities including summoning demonic hands from the ground and other ghastly attacks.

    When Izanami reaches below 10% health players must exercise extreme caution! Dying at this point will lead to permanent death and deletion of the character.

    Stay alert, Maplers! Izanami is coming soon!

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