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    • Chapter 1 - UTC: December 14th (after maintenance) – January 24th at 11:59 PM
    • Chapter 2 - UTC: December 21st at 12:00 AM – January 24th at 11:59 PM
    • Chapter 3 and Challenge Mode - UTC: December 28th at 12:00 AM – January 24th at 11:59 PM

    Misty Island is in need of the stalwart Mapler’s help! Here is a quick guide to get you started.

    If you are Lv. 101 and above, you can begin your adventure by accepting "Pollion's Message, depart to Misty Island" by talking to Pollion through the event notifier on the left side of the screen. The tutorial teaches you the basics but that may not be enough to survive the challenge.

    The first, most important thing to watch out for is when you get hungry. Your Fullness is always going down as time passes, so hunting for food should always be on your mind. The next thing to keep in mind is that your Life Force only recovers if your Fullness AND Acting Power is at 70% or higher. If you’re getting hungry, you won’t be recovering any Life Force at all.


    The first thing to do in any chapter is to quickly harvest the Stones and Logs on the ground by using the Interact button. With these materials, you can start crafting your first items. By clicking the Crafting button on the top left of your screen, you’re able to craft all sorts of items.


    A Stone Axe, a Stone Pickaxe, and a Wooden Sword are probably the first things you should make. This will make it much easier to gather Stones and Logs as well as giving yourself a weapon to survive the nights. To use your new tools and weapon, you will have to equip them. You can equip them just like any other piece of gear and you might want to consider putting them on keybindings to quickly swap between them.


    With your Stone Axe equipped, you can use the Interact button to cut down trees. The same goes for mining rocks with a Stone Pickaxe. Better tools means faster gathering, which can be useful as you progress through the nights.



    Of course, there are more materials than Stones/Logs and you’re probably hungry by now. Now is the time to cut down some banana trees or hunt some wildlife. To get the most out of your food items you’re going to want to cook them. As long as you have 3 pieces of wood laying around, you’ll be able to make a campfire and cook as much as you want. Not only does your campfire expire after some time, but your food items will slowly expire in your inventory over time. Make sure to eat your food while it’s still fresh!


    Ok, so now you have tools, a weapon, and hopefully a supply of food. It’s time to prepare for your first invasion on the 3rd night. You may be ready, or you may want to create a workbench. While standing by a workbench, you will have a lot more options of items you can craft. If the material for what you want to craft can be crafted as well, you can right click that material to see how to make it.

    Careful, as you hunt, explore, and collect resources, your Acting Power will decrease. The last thing you want is to be defending yourself from goblins as you run out of Acting Power. Now that you have a workbench, make sure to build a Palm Tent and take breaks when you need to!


    Now it’s finally time for your first invasion! Be prepared to protect the ruins every 3rd night or you could risk failing your mission. There are a lot of ways you could prepare, such as making sure you have enough food, upgrading to a better weapon, making yourself armor, putting a Palm Tent near where you will be fighting, and even building defense structures.


    As you might remember from the tutorial, there are designated spots to build these defense structures and they can really help! It's up to you how strong of a defense you want, but make sure you're prepared on the night of the invasion. After your first invasion, you will likely want to start upgrading your tools, weapons, and structures to better prepare for future invasions.

    Overall, it may be best to focus on all aspects of Misty Island Legacy so that you are well prepared for any situation.

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