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    Attention Dutch Maplers,

    In order to comply with Netherlands regulations, we’d like to give you notice that certain in-game trade functions will need to be limited for Dutch players soon.

    The following trade functions will no longer be available once the limitations start:

    • Give items and mesos to other players via 1:1 trade
    • Certain Auction House/Meso Market functions
    • Drop items and mesos
      • Note: Items required for quest, boss, or other content can still be dropped.

    Dutch players attempting any of the actions listed above will see a pop-up message that lists the guidelines of the limitations.

    Please note that although the above measure should be taken to comply with the applicable Dutch law, we are working to hopefully help alleviate any frustration this change might cause you. We hope to share it with you very soon. We apologize for the wait.

    Thank you,
    -The MapleStory Team

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