Notable Issues after v.234 Maintenance

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    Hi Maplers,

    We are looking into the following issues discovered after the v.234 scheduled game update maintenance.

    • Reboot World Only
      • Issue where opening the Character Info UI after starting the Home tutorial in Reboot world may crash the game client. Please be aware that the game client may crash in the following situations:
        • Opening the Character Info UI on your characters after starting or completing the Home Tutorial
        • Opening the Character Info UI of another character after they have started or completed the Home Tutorial
    • Aurora, Bera, Elysium, Luna, and Scania Worlds Only
      • Issue where players may not be able to use the 2x EXP Coupon when the 2x EXP event is not active.
    • All Worlds
      • Issue where monsters drop items that cannot be picked up when defeated

    While we investigate these issues, we ask Reboot world players to please avoid opening the Character Info UI. We are working to address these issues as soon as we can.

    - The MapleStory Team

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