Personal Identification Code to be Removed with v.224

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    Attention Maplers,

    As a result of the rollout of a pair of Two-Factor Authentication and Trusted Devices systems, we are excited to share with you that the v.224 update, currently scheduled for late July, will see the removal of the Personal Identification Code (PIC) security system from MapleStory. PIC entry will be removed throughout the client, including in the following locations:

    • Character Log-in/Creation/Deletion
    • When using the Meso Market
    • Cash Item 1:1 Trades
    • Enhancing or Crafting V Matrix Nodes
    • Character Name Change
    • Cash Item Deletion
    • Cash Item Gifting
    • Accessing Storage

    While the PIC system has served us well in the past, it has been made redundant by the more secure and convenient Two-Factor Authentication systems and integration with the Nexon Launcher and Steam. We believe that the removal of the PIC system will be an extremely welcome change for player satisfaction and enjoyment, and will also allow us to provide even better security and account protection for all Maplers via the superior Two-Factor Authentication and Trusted Devices System!

    These Two-Factor Authentication methods and Trusted Devices can be found in the "Password & Security" tab in the Account Settings page. These methods will provide superior security and convenience for your account compared to the PIC system, and we encourage everyone to set up one of the following methods as soon as possible.


    • Authenticator App: This option allows you to generate a secure, single-use passcode through your smartphone, using the free Google Authenticator app. This code will be required whenever you sign into your Nexon account while on a non-trusted computer, and changes frequently to prevent the code from being reusable or guessable.
    • SMS: The SMS (Short Message Service, better known as Text Messaging) option will allow you to register your phone number with your Nexon account, where you will be texted a single-use passcode to be used alongside your password in order to log into your Nexon account while on a non-trusted computer.
    • Email Verification: Upon logging into the Nexon Launcher on a non-trusted computer, you will be sent an email with a secure, single-use passcode required to verify your account. This is required of all Nexon accounts, in order to limit the likelihood of an unauthorized user gaining control over your account.
    • Trusted Devices: Once you have completed email verification, you will be given the option to trust the device you are logging on with, allowing you to bypass both Email Verification and any other Two-Factor Authentication protections on that device for an even smoother login process. You can remove trusted devices via the Account Settings page at any time.

    Again, we strongly encourage everyone to set up Two-Factor Authentication on your Nexon Accounts, either with an Authenticator App or through SMS (Text) Messaging. Doing so will help keep your account as safe and secure as can be. Please note that you can disable either factor whenever you wish, and while we encourage you to add an additional layer of security to your account in one of the manners described above, this is by no means a requirement to play MapleStory, and we will continue to do our best to protect your accounts regardless.

    Thank you,

    -The MapleStory Team

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