Pink Bean Bulletin - A Note on Recent Player Concerns

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    Hi Maplers,

    We would like to provide you with a quick update regarding our plans to address the concerns many of you have about the current state of MapleStory. We have seen a lot of these concerns increase over the last few weeks, specifically about the stability of the game, content changes we’ve announced, and other topics that have been brought up repeatedly in the past. We know many of these concerns are not only about recent issues but about long-standing questions that we haven’t spoken about yet.

    We want to take this opportunity to say that we have been constantly reviewing this feedback and discussing how to best address them. The feedback you have been providing to us throughout our various community platforms is greatly appreciated and we understand you are eager to learn of our intentions going forward.

    We are currently preparing a more detailed message that will include responses to some of the questions you have raised. In this message we plan to include some more details about our recent announcement about "Kishin Shoukan" as well as information about when certain upcoming content will be released. While we intend to address as many topics as possible, please understand that we may not be able to speak to every single topic.

    We apologize for the delay in communicating this information, but please allow us a little bit more time to confirm some of the plans, so that we can provide you with the most accurate information available.

    Our plan is to provide a more substantial message next week.

    We are always listening closely to all of your thoughts and feedback and we appreciate the patience while we review and discuss within the team.

    Thank you,

    The MapleStory Team

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