Pink Bean Bulletin: Addressing Recent Concerns Regarding Duky

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    Hi Maplers,

    We would like to provide some background information and clarity regarding a recent community topic. We’ve seen many discussions on the ban of the prominent Twitch streamer Duky, including why this player may have been banned or questioning the ban’s legitimacy.

    While we typically do not reveal detailed information about bans in order to protect the integrity of our detection methods, we would like to clear up some confusion about this particular case. Our team thoroughly investigates all reports, but these investigations do not necessarily result in bans, as we will not take action for a report made purely in bad faith, including for cases of mass reporting. This particular ban was applied upon the conclusion of an investigation that was started in response to player reports, and its timing or impact relative to the player’s in-game achievements was purely coincidental.

    In this case, our investigation revealed a separate account that was engaged in heavy, unambiguous hacking activity, which was being shared through multiple players. We manually reviewed our internal logs of the account, which revealed that its primary player was Duky. As part of sanctions taken against the players on this account, Duky’s main account was also banned.

    Ensuring the safety of our players and creating a fair environment for all is the utmost priority for our Player Support and MapleStory game team. It’s important that we enforce rules to make sure fairness is always at play in order to give value to the achievements of our players.

    In addition to this, we take all reports of cheating seriously, and perform various checks and investigations to verify if a player is breaking the Terms of Use before restricting access to their account. Players are encouraged to review the Terms of Use if they have any questions about what constitutes a violation, and are encouraged to submit tickets to our Player Support team if they would like to report a violation.

    Thank you,

    The MapleStory Team

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