Pink Bean Bulletin - Boss Cube and Flame Drop Issue

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    Hi Maplers,

    We hope you are having a great time at the Night Troupe festival, and creating lots of memories with our adorable blue friend who is visiting Maple World. We are definitely having a lot of fun enjoying the festival ride attractions and watching the Magic Show and Fireworks!

    Today, we wanted to give you a quick update regarding the issue with boss monster flame and cube drops that you all reported to us. After the v.227 update, you told us that the drop rates of Meister’s Cubes, Master Craftsman’s Cubes, Powerful Rebirth Flames, and Eternal Rebirth Flames appear to have changed.

    We took a look, and found that the boss monster drop rates for Meister’s Cubes and Master Craftsman’s Cubes were different from the intended rates in v.227 but could not initially find any issues with the Powerful Rebirth Flame and Eternal Rebirth Flame drop rates. However, after re-examining the situation, we discovered that there indeed was an issue with the boss monster flame drop rates. They were different from their intended drop rates in Reboot world. We apologize for causing confusion with what we shared in the October 14 maintenance post regarding the issue.

    We deployed a fix today (October 15, 2021) at 3:10 PM PDT for the boss monster flame drop issue, and will be distributing the following compensation next week:

    • Accounts with at least one character Lv. 61 and above in Reboot world with records of clearing a boss during October 6, 2021 (after maintenance) ~ October 15, 2021 3:10 PM PDT will receive the following items:
      • Powerful Rebirth Flame (x4): 14-day duration.
      • Eternal Rebirth Flame (x3): 14-day duration.

    It is always our goal to bring you game updates that are free of issues so that you can focus on enjoying your Maple explorations without worries. We will continue to put our best efforts forward to bring you the best experience possible, and would like to express our appreciation for your continued patience as we work through these issues.

    Thank you, Maplers!

    - Evolys and MapleStory Production Team

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