Pink Bean Bulletin - Greetings, Maplers!

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    Hi Maplers,

    Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the delay in updating our Communication Improvement plans. While it may have seemed as if no changes were being done, our internal teams were bustling to come up with ideas and discuss ways to improve our communication with you!

    In our April 6 Maple Memo, we mentioned that we will brainstorm better ways to comment and explain changes that players need to be aware of, other than the Maple Memo posts, to improve our communication with you. Considering how Maple Memos often introduce notable game changes from our Producers, there was difficulty in posting as frequently as we’d like since they require information about upcoming plans and a thorough review on the accuracy of the details. We deemed there was a need for other ways to provide updates, especially with community-focused information. To better communicate with you in addition to the Maple Memo, we would like to introduce you to the Pink Bean Bulletin!

    Pink Bean Bulletin will be a new communication webpost that will mainly focus on covering community-focused topics such as ban wave concerns, inconvenient bugs, or relevant event feedback. An exciting part of this post is that we hope to hand over the pen from time to time to other Nexon employees that you may not be as familiar with. The author of this post will not be limited to our Production team but can also include Nexon employees from other teams that are fit to explain the issue and/or concern. Thus, it may be more casually written than our usual news posts but that’s how we’d like it! We have different teams collaboratively working together for MapleStory and you might get a glimpse of more of us through the Pink Bean Bulletin.

    Now that we’ve introduced this new webpost with you, we’ll be sharing relevant community topics through Pink Bean Bulletins as they are needed. Until then, enjoy our upcoming v.225 Goo Island Getaway update coming soon this Wednesday, August 25th!

    P.S. Special thanks to our dear friend Pink Bean, who graciously gave us permission to use its bulletin...

    Thank you,
    Ghiblee, Anna and the MapleStory Production Team

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