Pink Bean Bulletin - Recent Ban Concerns

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    This post is in regards to recent bans and related community discussion that has occurred surrounding them.

    First and foremost, Nexon Player Support and the MapleStory team must be extremely careful in the information we reveal during the ban appeals process, as any insight into the nature of our detection methods may be used to further refine the methods some players may use to violate the Terms of Service. This is why we refrain from commenting on ban-related issues that may crop up in the community.

    Recently, an issue with a component in our detection methods designed to identify illegal skill modifications affected some Beast Tamer players in the community. Our team has been continuously reviewing accounts flagged by this component to be vigilant on any new cases of false positives, and players should be able to play Beast Tamer characters without further issue; we encourage any affected Beast Tamers that need further assistance to reach out to the Player Support team by submitting a ticket. We apologize for the inconvenience that this disruption has caused to our Beast Tamer players.

    Separately, over the last week, our security team identified a list of accounts to be permanently banned due to illicit activity using third-party programs. This list included multiple accounts which appeared to have been shared among more than one player, and was not limited only to the accounts that actually performed the exploit. As a reminder, account sharing is a violation of the Terms of Service, and all account holders are responsible for any action taken on their account. For additional account security, Maplers can set up two-factor authentication following the steps in this article.

    As a follow-up to the above, our security team identified an additional list of players that had benefited from and participated in suspicious trading activity that involved mesos from the aforementioned illicit activity, and issued suspensions for these offenses as well. Both of these lists of players were manually reviewed prior to the sanctions being processed.

    I want to provide reassurance that players should be able to enjoy the game normally so long as they uphold the Terms of Service, and our teams will continue to move swiftly to review cases where players may have been banned due to an error. If you need assistance with your account, please feel free to reach out to the Player Support team by submitting a ticket.

    - Lexiron and the MapleStory Player Support Team

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