Pink Bean Bulletin: Update #5 on Lag and Server Instability Issues

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    Greetings Maplers,

    Here’s a little update on what we observed after the March 3rd maintenance and March 16th v.231 game update.

    March 3 Maintenance and March 16 v.231 Game Update
    We’ve seen the player survey responses from the changes made during the March 3rd maintenance and we applied those changes to the rest of the remaining channels, channels 21 and 30, in NA Reboot world during our March 16th game update. We will continue monitoring the NA Reboot world channels to see if additional changes are necessary.

    March 24 Maintenance
    The Yeti x Pink Bean World servers were using the same servers that channel 21 and 30 of NA Reboot world use. Despite the high traffic in the event world, we saw some feedback that Yeti x Pink Bean World channels felt good in terms of lag, so we applied these same changes to Bera world so that all the channels are also using the new servers.

    As usual, we will post another survey to gather information after this weekend, when the Bera world channels have had some time to be played on for a few days. The survey link will be provided here in this post as well as posted on our community platforms. We’d appreciate your active participation and feedback on these surveys.

    Thank you for your continued patience.

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