REG and VIP Hair Style and Face Coupons Retiring in v211

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    Hi Maplers,

    With the v211 update on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, the following coupons will no longer be sold in the MapleStory Cash Shop:

    • Hair Style Coupon (REG)
    • Hair Style Coupon (VIP)
    • Face Coupon (REG)
    • Face Coupon (VIP)

    Town-specific styles will also be removed with the March update, and players interested in claiming those styles should purchase coupons for them before v211 arrives.

    We plan to replace these items with new beauty coupons in the March update, in an effort to improve MapleStory's Hairstyle and Face customization options. In the meantime, any VIP and REG coupons that you have already purchased will remain functional until our March update. Unused VIP and REG coupons will be refunded in Maple Points when the March update arrives, and if you have any issues with either using the coupons or their refund, please open a ticket with Customer Support and we will work to resolve it.

    Thank you,
    The MapleStory Team

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