KMS Removal of the Free Market!

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    Not actually a KMS patch but Nexon just posted a notice on the MapleStory homepage with a very shocking announcement: the Free Market is being removed! There’s not too many details yet but I have translated the notice.

    Hello MapleStory players.

    On November 23, a patch will take place to improve the in-game trading system.

    As a result of these improvements, the Free Market will be removed and all Cash items used in the Free Market will stop being sold on November 13.

    The details of the trade system improvements for more smooth and convenient trading are as follows.

    Trade Activity Improvement Details

    1. Transaction Fee Unification

    • In order to prevent unusual transactions, all trades (regardless of method of trading and amount) will have a unified fee.

    2. Centralized Trading Location

    • To reduce the inconvenience of having 2 trading markets, the Free Market will be removed.

    3. Auction House Convenience Improvements

    • A Market Price feature will be added that allows you to search for recently completed trades in the Auction. house to see item details and prices.
    • A cart feature will be added that allows you to save desired items from items on sale and items in a Market Price list.
    • The convenience of searching, selling, and buying items in the Auction House will be improved.

    4. Maximum Stored Meso Cap Expansion

    • To support high value item trading, the maximum amount of mesos you can hold will be expanded.

    Free Market Cash Item Sale Notice

    • Refunds for Free Market Cash items will be detailed in a later notice.
    • All items that have already been bought can be used until November 23.

    End of Sale Time: November 13, after the Cash Shop maintenance

    Items Which Will no Longer be Sold:

    • All Hired Merchants
    • All Store Permits
    • Owl of Minerva
    • Owl of Tott

    We hope to provide better game service to all MapleStory players.

    Thank you.

    I assume they will be pushing these changes to KMST soon (probably next week) so we’ll have more details then.

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    Max meso increase, time to hoard as much money as i can til i hit the cap :e050d06a18a54284a1415df23d8e94c4: