KMS Restoring Customers’ Trust, Cube Probability and Logic, & Further Compensation

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    Three new notices have been posted to the MapleStory homepage along with new pages for certain probability type items. This includes ‘We Will Try Our Best to Change to Restore Customers’ Trust’, another letter from the director Kang Won-ki about this situation and what Nexon plans to do in the future, ‘Cubes’ Potential Reset Logic and Detailed Probability Release’ which details all the probability of cubes (including both tier up rates and rates for each line), and the ‘Additional Options Situation’s Compensation and Entire Reward Information’ which has additional compensation for additional options/Ability as well as further compensation for all players.

    We Will Try Our Best to Change to Restore Customers’ Trust.

    This is MapleStory’s director Kang Won-ki.

    We have greatly disappointed our customers who have been dedicated to MapleStory. Once again, I sincerely apologize.

    As a result of this Additional Options situation, we have realized the undeserved love that customers send to MapleStory and are deeply reflecting on that. We will deeply engrave the voices of our customers who criticized us so that we can become a better MapleStory. In order to avoid repeating mistakes like this going forward, we have thought very carefully about the patch that MapleStory should take. We apologize for not being able to respond faster.
    MapleStory’s, and other Nexon games going forward, probability release is a reflection of the results of MapleStory customers’ previous voices. Beginning with this announcement, we promise to become a more transparent and reliable game for our customers.

    We apologize for these inexcusable actions. We will start again through deep self-reflection.
    We have focused only on adding new content while neglecting to understand and verify the live service’s underlying systems. It’s embarassing, but we did not completely understand content which was developed in the past, and there was a lack of effort for history management and system specifications which are the most important things for live game development. We apologize once again for greatly disappointing our customers as a result of this.

    We are truly embarassed as this reveals the developer organization’s bare face, and we are being very careful since we don’t know how our customers will accept it. However, we promise to do our best to make up for our mistakes, and from now on, we will proceed with a thorough re-verification and specification of past content while looking at various angles from the customers’ point of view.

    We will provide a live service that prioritizes customers’ feelings and experiences.
    We apologize for causing inconvenience to many customers for the patches that did not meet customers’ expectations.
    In any case, if a customer had a negative experience, it is a good idea to apologize and correct it quickly for any reason, but I am reflecting on my decision not to do so.
    We certainly should have told you in detail what we had in mind but we didn’t even do that. We sincerely apologize.
    Our development direction and content should have flexibly reflected the prioritization of customers’ opinions and experiences, but we neglected that.

    Going forward, we will listen better to our customers’ voices. When we have an update, we will describe the development intentions in detail so that customers can fully understand them.

    We will supplement the negative experiences of probability type systems.
    Currently, MapleStory has a variety of probability type systems. Because of this, we think that MapleStory can remain a healthy game for a long time by supplementing the negative experiences felt in probability type systems.
    Starting from this probability release, we will closely analyze probability type systems in-game, supplement their shortcomings, and improve them.
    In addition, we will prepare the introduction of a ‘real-time monitoring system’ which allows customers to directly verify that every element using probability is functioning normally. This system will be applied to all Nexon games, and will be introduced quickly.

    We will think deeply about MapleStory’s future together with everyone.
    In the meantime, many customers have used their voices through various channels such as the community, customer centre, discussion boards, and surveys. However, we sincerely apologize for frustrating customers by not sharing the thoughts and plans of the development team.

    From now on, we will think deeply about how to actively reflect the valuable opinions sent by our customers. In addition, we will listen to the sincere opinions of our customers for MapleStory’s future direction.
    Please leave your opinions on the homepage’s discussion board so our development team can take them into consideration more. We will reorganize our homepage as soon as possible so customers can share their opnions more conveniently.

    In 2021, we will prioritize ‘improvements and maintenance for existing systems’ and ‘service from the customers’ point of view’, and focus on creating an environment that customers can trust and enjoy. As the director of MapleStory, which as grown based on the support and love of millions of customers, I feel a great sense of responsibility. Going forward, the development team will do our best to create a reliable MapleStory, even if it takes some time.

    We realize that our customers’ loving advice and encouragement is the foundation for becoming a better MapleStory. MapleStory needs our customers’ voices. Going forward, we will definitely hear your voices, listen, and answer more carefully.

    We will keep in mind that MapleStory goes beyond a simple game service as another world filled with millions of customers’ feelings and will do our best to make you travel for a long time in Maple World.

    MapleStory’s director Kang Won-ki
    Cubes’ Potential Reset Logic and Detailed Probability Release

    Hello, this is MapleStory.

    We are releasing cubes’ potential reset logic and detailed probability.

    We will explain the probability to tier up potential ranks, probability to decide the tier of each potential line, the logic of setting the type of potential line, and probability applied when using each type of cube. In this notice, we will explain in a text format due to the circumstances, but we will provide an environment in which you can more easily search the probability as soon as possible.

    1. Probability of Increasing Potential Tier of Each Cube


    2. Probability of Deciding Potential Line Tier Based on Line Position of Each Cube

    The potential line’s tier is set based on the potential tier.

    • The first line’s tier is set to the same as the potential tier.
    • The second and third lines’ tiers are set to one lower than the potential tier.
    • The second and third lines’ tiers also have a predetermined probability to be set to the same as the potential tier. In this sitation, this is the logic named by players as ‘prime lines’.

    <Probability to Decide ‘Prime Line’>




    3. Cubes’ Type of Potential Line Reset Logic

    • Within the same equipment type, the types of potential lines when reset are determined based on the equipment level.
    • Red Cubes and Black Cubes have the same types of potential lines when reset.
    • Based on the equipment type, there are different types of potential lines when reset.
      • Within secondary weapons, Force Shields and Soul Rings cannot get ‘max MP increase’ or ‘+% max MP’ lines. (This does not apply to additional potential lines)
    • The following potential lines can only appear once out of the three lines when resetting.
      • Increasing all skill levels
      • Increase invincibility time after being hit
    • The following potential lines can only appear twice out of the three lines when resetting.
      • Ignore monster defense +%
      • Ignore damage % after being hit with a certain probability
      • Invincibility for a certain amount of time after being hit with a certain probability
      • Damage when attacking boss monsters +%
      • Item drop rate +%

    ※ The reason why the logic does not allow certain potential lines to appear together (such as ‘boss boss boss’ or ‘ied ied ied’) is because when Legendary potential was first added in August 2011, we wanted to prevent exceeding the balance threshold for boss hunting and acquiring items at that time. ※​

    4. Cubes’ Potential Line Reset Probability

    • You can check the reset probability of potential lines, which is based on the above potential reset logic and the weight of each potential line, through the links below.
    • The types and values of potential lines based on equipment level are the same for level 120 or higher equipment, so they are shown as level 120 or higher equipment. (Certain equipment types are shown as level 100 as that is the most commonly used level.)
    • Through the links, if you look at the probability of resetting lines for each cube, you can see there are certain equipment where the probability to get ‘+% critical damage’ line is duplicated. This is because the past ‘+% minimum/maximum critical damage’ lines were changed to this line.

    ※ There is no effect on the probability of specific lines when using cubes on a certain job or certain type of equipment. There are no problems such as changing the set weights to another value. ※​

    Note: I’m not gonna translate the pages above but Google Translate should be enough. You can see the tier up rates, probability of getting prime lines on 2nd and 3rd lines, as well as the chances of each potential line on every type of equipment on each line.

    5. Potential Reset Actual Results Verification

    These are verification values for the probability of increasing potential tiers and probability of increasing potential line tiers based on game logsfrom the second half of 2020 (July~December).

    ※ We have confirmed that there are no changes to the potential reset probabilities other than the officially announced Miracle Time event. ※​

    <Potential Tier Increase Probability>




    <Line Rank Setting Probability>




    The logic related to resetting potential using cubes was applied based on past balance standards, and starting from this probability information release, we will work together with users to move in the direction of appropriate balance for the current time and minimizing negative experiences.

    Release of In-Game Probability Type Items Verification Results

    This is a separate page/notice that Nexon released which shows the verification of actual results of many different probability type items in the game. I will not translate it fully but I’ll try and include the main points. You can use Google Translate or ask in the comments if you want more details.

    • Boss Rewards Equal Probability Verification
      • All boss rewards have a certain drop probability, and they are not affected by any factors other than ‘item/equipment drop rate increasing’ lines.
      • When Arcane Shade set/Absolabs set items are dropped, there is an equal probability for each item within the equipment type.
    • Scroll Items’ Sucess/Failure Probability Verification
      • All Scroll Trace scrolls (except for Clean Slate Scrolls, Innocent Scrolls, and Ark Innocent Scrolls) are affected by Diligence and Guild Skills.
      • The following scrolls are affected by Diligence and Guild Skills:
        • 10%/60% Earring Accessory Int Scrolls
        • 50% Earring/Face Accessory Amplification Scroll
        • 70% Armor Attack/Magic Attack Scrolls
        • Fragment of Distorted Time
        • 50% Top/Bot/Shoes/Gloves/Overall/Hat Amplification Scrolls
        • 70% Accessory Attack/Magic Atack Scrolls
        • 50% Accessory Amplification Scroll
        • 50% Weapon Attack/Magic Attack Miracle Scrolls
        • 50% Glove Attack/Magic Attack Miracle Scrolls
        • 60% Pet Equipment Attack/Magic Attack/STR/DEX/INT/LUK Scrolls
        • 50% Pet Equipment Amplification Scroll
      • The following scrolls are not affected by Diligence and Guild Skills:
        • 1%/5%/10% Clean Slate Scrolls
        • 50%/60% Innocent Scrolls
        • 60% Chaos Scrolls
        • 20%/30%/50% Chaos Scrolls of Goodness
        • 30%/40%/50%/60%/70% Incredible Chaos Scrolls
        • 60% (Karma) Incredible Chaos Scrolls of Goodness
        • 50% Golden Hammers
        • 70% Pet Equipment Attack/Magic Attack Scrolls
        • 50% Pet Equipment Attack/Magic Attack Miracle Scrolls
        • STR/DEX/INT/LUK Yggdrasil’s Blessing Scrolls
    Additional Options Situation’s Compensation and Entire Reward Information

    Hello, this is MapleStory.

    This is the compensation plan we have prepared together with a sincere apology for customers who have been hurt by this additional options and Ability situation.

    1. Additional Options and Ability Error Compensation Criteria

    • You can continue to use the previous rewards from the [Additional Options and Ability Error Compensation Information].
    • As compensation for the additional options and ability error, we will distribute 100% of the materials used to change additional options and Ability for the last 2 years. We apologize once again for not being able to take the entire period into account as only 2 years of data remain due to our log retention period limit.
    • Click on the Maple Admin NPC in Henesys or other main towns, choose the ‘Talk to Maple Admin’ option, and choose the ‘2nd Rebirth Flame/Honor Points Trade’ option to exchange your points for the desired items.
    • Instead of checking records per world, we will now check per Maple ID, and you can receive rewards in your desired world. This includes Burning World’s use records, and you can receive them up to June 16.
    • All compensation and rewards below will be given out after the maintenance on March 11. We ask for your patience as it is not possible to proceed more quickly due to the variety and quantity of items.
    2. Additional Options Compensation

    • We have adjusted the points required to trade for Karma Black Rebirth Flames and Black Rebirth Flames so you can actively try to increase the additional options of items you have while reducing the damage to the value of existing items.
    • You will receive 2nd Rebirth Flame Points based on the type and number of Rebirth Flames you have used from February 1, 2019 to February 24, 2021 at 6:00 PM. The exchange ratio is shown below.

    <2nd Rebirth Flame Points Exchange Rate>


    • Due to the additional options error, STR appeared more often than other stats, so jobs with main stats other than STR were relatively worse off. If you used Rebirth Flames on equipment items that can only be equipped by specific classes, we will give 103%/106%/109% of the Rebirth Flame Points instead of 100%, based on the class that can wear that equipment.

    <2nd Rebirth Flame Points Error Correction Exchange Rate>


    • You can trade your Rebirth Flame Points for the items of your choice through the Maple Admin NPC in Henesys or other main towns.

    <2nd Rebirth Flame Points Exchangeable Items>


    <Detailed Notes>

    • Equipment that can be worn by all classes, warrior equipment, and Xenon equipment will be compensated at a 100% ratio.
    • For pirates, since it was difficult to clearly separate specific classes which use STR or DEX as the main stat, all pirate equipment will have the DEX class additional refund ratio of 103% applied.
    3. Ability Error Correction Delay Compensation

    • Resetting Abilities had the same error as additional options, and all responsiblity lies with us for not properly checking this error which has been neglected for a long time and for not correcting it in a timely manner. We would like to relieve the sense of loss a little for users who have acquired their desired Abilities through much effort.
    • We will distribute 100% of the materials used to change Ability for the last 2 years. In particiular, we have added Chaos Circulators to the exchange list to help users who already have their desired Abilities. With this item, you can try to improve the values of your Ability lines without changing them. This may not be enough comfort for your pain, but we hope that it helps, even in a small way.
    • You will receive compensation based on the confirmed records from February 1, 2019 to February 24, 2021 at 6:00 PM. The detailed information is shown below.

    <Ability Error Correction Delay Compensation Details>


    • You can trade your Honor Points/Manji Coin Points for the items of your choice through the Maple Admin NPC in Henesys or other main towns.

    <Ability Error Correction Delay Compensation Points Exchangeable Items>


    <Detailed Notes>

    • Any Honor used from February 19, 2021 at 9:30 PM to February 24, 2021 at 6:00 PM which was used after locking 2 Ability lines will not be included in the compensation.
    4. Heartfelt Apology to All Players

    We apologize to the many players who enjoy MapleStory for all of the anxiety and confusion caused by this additional options situation. Despite all these circumstances, we have prepared a small gift of gratitude and apology to the users who have loved MapleStory consistently and expressed their many voices while worrying about the future.

    • Click on the Maple Admin NPC in Henesys or other main towns, choose the ‘Talk to Maple Admin’ option, then choose the ‘Heartfelt Apology to All Players’ option to receive the items.
    • Before receiving the items, you must designate one world which will receive all of the items. After designating the world, you can select and receive the desired items. (This designated world cannot be changed, and all items can only be acquired once per Maple ID.)
    • You can receive the ‘Heartfelt Apology to All Players’ from March 11 to April 21.


    • When you use the PC Room Arcane Shade Weapon Box, you will receive an Arcane Shade weapon with 15 stars and Legendary potential. The weapon cannot be traded, enhanced, cubed, or used with Toad’s Hammer.
    • When you use the Dominator Pendant Box, you will receive a Dominator Pendant with 15 stars and Unique potential. The Dominator Pendant cannot be traded, enhanced, cubed, or used with Toad’s Hammer.


    • When you use the Chew Chew Island Set Voucher, you will receive the following items:
      • Hat: Moon Moon Headband (+30 all stats for 180 days)
      • Overall: Chew Chew Cafe Girl (F)/Chew Chew Cafe Boy (M) (+300 defense for 180 days) ※ you will receive the item matching your gender ※
      • Cape: Fruit Leaf (+30 all stats for 180 days)
      • Shoes: Sour Slippers (+50 speed/jump for 180 days)
      • Weapon: Chewrup Knot Bracelet (+30 attack/magic attack for 180 days)
      • 3-set effect: +5 all stats, +3 attack/magic attack
      • 5-set effect: +10 all stats, +7 attack/magic attack
    • Each Growth Potion has a different maximum level, and if you use them past their maximum levels, you will acquire a certain amount of experience instead.
      • Maximum Growth Potion: 1 level for levels 200~249
      • Typhoon Growth Potion: 1 level for levels 200~239
      • Neo Growth Potion 3: 1 level for levels 200~229
      • Neo Growth Potion 2: 1 level for levels 200~219
      • Neo Growth Potion 1: 1 level for levels 200~209


    • When you use the Sherbet (90 Days) Voucher, you will receive a Sherbet pet which can be used for 90 days. The Sherbet pet can be used in both normal worlds and Reboot worlds, and has the following properties:
      • It can loot items in a larger area like Luna Petite pets.
      • It is a multi-pet that can be summoned with other pets (up to 3).
      • It has the Auto Buff, Meso Loot, Item Loot, Auto Loot, Auto HP, Auto MP, and Extended Movement Range skills.
    • The Mithra’s 3x Experience Coupon Box can be used for 8 weeks (56 days). When you use the box, you will receive 20 3x Experience Coupons (15 Minutes), which expire in 7 days and are tradeable within the world. The Experience Coupons will be recharged every Monday at 10 AM, and can be obtained up to 5 times.
    • We will add 2 weeks worth (+18 days) to the attendance of all players’ Fairy Bros’ Golden Chariot.

    We bow our heads and apologize to all players who have suffered any sort of discomfort due to this additional options and Ability situation.
    We will take greater care to prevent repeating the same problems in the future.

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