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    The Magic Wagon is a special sales event that gives you a limited time to directly purchase new and rare items and take advantage of special discounts, including free items! You'll get a new set of 6 offers every 6 hours, with Magic Wagon Restock Coupons purchasable as well!

    Note: This sale event will be in lieu of this week's usual Cash Shop Update. Normal Cash Shop Updates will resume on January 20.

    You'll have 6 hours to purchase any of the items in the Magic Wagon, which can be purchased in the same manner and for the same currencies as though they were normally on sale. Each item can be purchased only once per appearance, and if you don't like the offers on display and don't want to wait, you can Restock the shop!

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    No need to jump between characters if you see an item that a different one of your characters needs! Items purchased from the Magic Wagon don't go into your Cash Inventory, instead into a new Special Order Vault, where they can be redeemed by any character on your account.

    Restocking the Magic Wagon will select and display a new selection of 6 items, just as though the entire 6 hours had elapsed. You will get a free Restock Coupon every day at 12:00 AM UTC, and additional Restocks can be purchased from the Cash Shop for 1,000 NX. Manually Restocking will also reset the amount of time until the Magic Wagon automatically Restocks.

    There are hundreds of items and potential deals available that rotate with every Restock, with more items being unlocked with more Restocks, so keep checking back as the Magic Wagon rolls on!


    Check out the full list of items, and the rates with which they will appear in the Magic Wagon, here.

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