Take a Trip Down Maple Lane 2022!

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    A Trip Down Maple Lane is back to recount your adventures over this previous year in Maple World!

    2022 was a year of looking back, of improving standard systems and updating classes and content. We revamped the Explorers and the Cygnus Knights, upgraded MapleStory to a 64-bit program, saw Pink Bean and Yeti battle for supremacy, created new Homes for ourselves, and so much more!

    Take a look back on your 2022 in MapleStory with A Trip Down Maple Lane, a special site that lets you see some of the many exciting and unique things that you did in this last year of play, and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy the look back, say farewell to 2022 and get ready for an even more exciting 2023!

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