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    Whatever else you might say about it, 2021 was an unquestionably unique year.

    In MapleStory, you traversed a giant jellyfish whale, battled the wrath of the sun god, and crushed slimes. You met the mournful Kain and explored his hidden past, and embraced the impeccably grounded Lara and her grand quest. You visited moonlit festivals, an island populated by goo, a sinister hotel surrounded by mystery, a dark manor filled with puzzles, and so much more!

    Take a look back on your 2021 in MapleStory with A Trip Down Maple Lane, a special site that lets you see some of the many exciting and unique things that you did in this last year of play, and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! Enjoy the look back, say farewell to 2021 and get ready for an even more exciting 2022!

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