The Magic Wagon is Closing Soon!

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    It's almost over, the Magic Wagon is entering the home stretch with one last chance to take advantage of these special deals and free items! The Magic Wagon will close at the following time:

    • PDT (UTC -7): Wednesday, October 7, 2020 12:59 AM
    • CEST (UTC +2): Wednesday, October 7, 2020 9:59 AM
    • AEDT (UTC +11): Wednesday, October 7, 2020 6:59 PM


    In the Magic Wagon, you'll get a new set of six offers every six hours, featuring some returning items only available in the Magic Wagon, some currently available items with a steep discount, some brand new items never seen before in MapleStory, and even a variety of items available for free! With the Magic Wagon restocking every six hours, and a free Restock available each day and additional Restocks available for purchase, there's hundreds of deals available when the Magic Wagon arrives!


    Items available in the Magic Wagon include:

    • New Featured Items:
      • Permanent Rainbow Swing Mount Coupon, Lily Bucket Hat, Lily Print Overfit Outfit, and Pupmallow Pop Weapon.
      • Nero Bucket Hat, Nero Print Overfit Outfit, and Pupmallow Pop Weapon.
      • Permanent Plush Bunny Mount Coupon, Starry Summer Night Hat, Starry Summer Night Outfit (M), Starry Summer Night Shoes, and Starry Summer Night Weapon.
      • Starry Summer Night Hat, Starry Summer Night Outfit (F) , Starry Summer Night Shoes, and Starry Summer Night Weapon.
    • Returning Items:
      • Rabbit and Bear Hat, Rabbit and Bear Shirt, Rabbit and Bear Book Bag, Rabbit and Bear Flashlight, and Otherworldly Slacks.
      • Rise Surprise Style Box, Small Spirit, and Rock Spirit
      • Mini Blaze Wizard, Shark Bodysuit, Shark Hoodie, Shark Cape, and Shark Bite Shoes.
      • Universal Transparent Weapon, Transparent Knuckle, Transparent Shield, Transparent Katara, and Transparent Wand.
    • Discounted Items:
      • Green (and other) Eye Color, Gachapon Ticket and Auto HP Potion Skill for pets.
      • Headphone Bandana, Dark Seraphim, Maple MSX Guitar, Brown Checkered Pants, and Politician Glasses
    • Free Items:
      • Sprite Wings, Feline Blue Sleeves, Marine Stripe Umbrella, and Mustachioed Ballcap.
      • Hamster Baller Mount (90 Day) Coupon, Cat Lolita Hat, Cat Lolita Outfit, Cat Lolita Shoes, Cat Lolita Gloves, and Cat Lolita Cape.
      • Eclipse Bird Mount (90 Day) Coupon, Strawberry Hairpin, Strawberry Training Shirt, Strawberry Training Pants, and Strawberry Sneakers.
    • And much, much more!

    You can learn more about the Magic Wagon itself on the main Magic Wagon news post, and learn more about its restocks at the Magic Wagon Restock Rates page.

    Note: This sale event will be in lieu of the usual weekly Cash Shop Updates. Normal Cash Shop Updates will return on October 7.

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