Upcoming NX Prepaid and NX Credit Merge

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    Attention Maplers,

    With the v.236 update, currently scheduled for early October, we will be making a major change to how NX, the paid currency for many Nexon games including MapleStory, is handled. With this change, NX Prepaid and NX Credit will be merged, with every Nexon player's balance of the two currencies being combined together. We hope to make for a simpler process for our customers, no longer having to sort out between the two forms of currency, and how each is acquired.

    As part of this, there will be some changes to how certain Cash Shop purchases and actions function, in order to prevent fraudulent charges and protect the game economy. Some of these changes have already gone live as part of the v.235 Update on August 31st, and include:

    • Cash Shop Items that were previously unpurchasable with NX Credit can now be purchased normally.
    • Cash Shop Items that could only be purchased at a certain level with NX Credit no longer have any level restriction on purchase when being purchased.
    • Purchased items cannot be gifted to other players within 7 days of first NX charge. Note, if you have already charged NX to your account in the past, you will not be restricted from gifting.
    • Note: First Charge restrictions that are in place for NX Credit will also be applied to the merged NX. If you have cleared those restrictions in the past, then that status will be carried over to the new merged NX.

    We will let you know more as the update approaches.

    - The MapleStory Team

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