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    [Update Apr 17] We have updated the information regarding players that had obtained multiple Familiar cards of the same type prior to the Revamp. Previously, it stated that players would receive up to 3 Familiar Cards of the duplicated Familiars, instead those players will have up to 3 of those Familiars automatically registered for them.

    [Update Apr 16] We have updated and clarified some information regarding Fauxmiliar availability: While Fauxmiliars are available in both Cash Shop booster packs in non-Reboot worlds and the Familiar Shop on Reboot and non-Reboot worlds, the [Suspicious Fauxmiliar Card] can only be acquired through the Familiar Shop, and the [Fauxmiliar Card] can only be acquired through the Cash Shop booster packs. We have also updated the UI images based on the system's current design.

    The v.213 Update comes with a massive revamp to the Familiar system, with changes to just about every single part of the system. There's a lot to cover here, but we hope you'll enjoy this system that allows every Familiar, from the mightiest dragon to the lowliest slime, to reach their full potential!


    These changes will take place with the v.213 Update currently scheduled for Wednesday, April 22.

    Familiar Revamp Overview


    • Familiar UI has been overhauled, and the Crusader Codex UI and Monster Collection section of the Crusader Codex has been replaced by our new friend, Roro!
    • Familiars no longer have static stats and level requirements. Instead, they now grow in strength alongside the player, earning EXP from defeating monsters and growing stronger.
    • Familiars now use the same Rank Names as Armor and Weapons: Common, Rare, Epic, Unique and Legendary.
      • Familiars can be increased in Rank, up to Unique, with Rank-Up Points earned by consuming duplicate Familiars.
      • Fauxmiliars can be fused to any Familiar, for more Rank-Up Points than normal Familiars. You can purchase the [Suspicious Fauxmiliar Card] for Familiar Points in the Familiar Shop on both Reboot and non-Reboot Worlds, and you can also get the [Fauxmiliar Card] in booster packs purchased from the Cash Shop in non-Reboot worlds only.
    • Additional Familiar Summoning Slots can be unlocked, allowing for 3 Familiars to be summoned at once:
      • Slot 1: Unlocked by default for all characters
      • Slot 2: Can be unlocked by completing a quest after collecting your first Familiar Badge
      • Slot 3: Can be unlocked by completing a quest after collecting 10 Familiar Badges
      • All slotted Familiars can be summoned at once with the new Summon Familiars skill.
        • The Summon Familiars Skill will appear in the Beginner tab after equipping your first Familiar.
    • Familiars now deal damage based on both their Attack Power and the summoning player's own damage, and all use a basic attack skill for attacking.
    • The Vitality Gauge has been renamed the Summon Gauge, and now functions somewhat differently:
      • When a Familiar is active, the Summon Gauge will deplete over time, even if the Familiar is not attacking.
      • All Familiars share the same Summon Gauge.
      • The higher the sum of the Defenses of all summoned Familiars, the slower the Summon Gauge will deplete.
      • For example: With one Familiar with 50 Defense summoned, the Summon Gauge will deplete faster than with a Familiar with 50 Defense and two Familiars with 20 Defense summoned. The more Familiars, the merrier!
      • When the Summon Gauge is fully depleted, all summoned Familiars will disappear.
      • The Summon Gauge will refill to full at midnight UTC each day, and can also be filled with the Familiar Essence item that can be purchased from the Familiar Shop.
    • Passive Skills have been removed, and Familiars will now be granted 2 Potentials depending on their Rank. These Potential bonuses have a large variety of effects, from stat boosts to bonuses for your party and more. Available Potentials are stronger for higher-ranked Familiars.
      • Some Potential bonuses will cap in strength.
    • All players begin with 100 Familiar Slots. Players that currently have more than 100 Familiars will be granted additional slots to give them full access to all of their Familiars, please see the "Changes to Existing Familiars" section below for more details.
      • Non-Reboot worlds only: The number of Familiars owned can be increased by 5 per use of the [Familiar Slot Expansion Coupon], up to a maximum of 2,000.
    Familiar Growth


    • When first added, all Familiars are Lv. 1, and will gain 1 EXP when the player defeats monsters near the player's level with the Familiar summoned.
    • When the Familiars gain enough EXP, they will increase in level, up to Lv. 5:
      • Lv. 2: 300 EXP
      • Lv. 3: 600 EXP
      • Lv. 4: 1,200 EXP
      • Lv. 5: 2.400 EXP
    • Non-Reboot worlds only: The [Familiar Breakthrough Card], purchasable from the Cash Shop, can be consumed to increase a Unique or Legendary Familiar's level cap by 1. It can be used up to 2 times per Familiar, allowing it to reach up to Lv. 7:
      • Lv. 6: 2,600 EXP
      • Lv. 7: 2,800 EXP
    • Leveling up a Familiar results in increased Attack Power and Defense, with higher-ranked Familiars gaining more bonuses:
    Level Increase Common and Rare Epic Unique Legendary
    1 -> 2 +0 Min / +1 Max +0 Min / +2 Max +0 Min / +2 Max +1 Min / +3 Max
    2 -> 3 +0 Min / +1 Max +0 Min / +2 Max +1 Min / +3 Max +1 Min / +3 Max
    3 -> 4 +0 Min / +2 Max +1 Min / +2 Max +1 Min / +3 Max +2 Min / +4 Max
    4 -> 5 +1 Min / +2 Max +1 Min / +3 Max +2 Min / +4 Max +2 Min / +4 Max
    5 -> 6 N/A N/A +3 Min / +7 Max +4 Min / +8 Max
    6 -> 7 N/A N/A +5 Min / +10 Max +8 Min / +12 Max
    • Upon reaching Lv. 5, Common, Rare and Epic Familiars are able to Rank-Up, increasing their Rank-Up to Unique:
      • Common -> Rare: 50 Rank-Up Points, 100% chance of success
      • Rare -> Epic: 100 Rank-Up Points, 80% chance of success
      • Epic -> Unique: 150 Rank-Up Points, 40% chance of success
    • Rank-Up can be achieved by fusing duplicates of an acquired Familiar via the Collections -> Fusion tab. Doing so will increase the Familiar's Rank-Up Points:
      • Common Familiar: 1 Rank-Up Point
      • Rare Familiar: 2 Rank-Up Points
      • Epic Familiar: 3 Rank-Up Points
      • Unique Familiar: 4 Rank-Up Points
      • Legendary Familiar: 5 Rank-Up Points
      • The [Suspicious Fauxmiliar Card], purchased from the Familiar Shop for Familiar Points, creates a Suspicious Fauxmiliar that can be used as Fusion material for any Familiar, granting it 15 Rank-Up Points.
      • Non-Reboot worlds only: The [Fauxmiliar Card], which can be obtained from the [Booster Pack] and [Unique Booster Pack] in the Cash Shop, can also be used as Fusion material for any Familiar, granting it 30 Rank-Up Points.
    • Once a Familiar has enough Rank-Up Points, you can attempt a Rank-Up. Successfully Ranking Up will reset their level to Lv. 1 and re-roll their Potential using the new Rank for the first Potential, and the previous Rank for the second Potential.
      • Non-Reboot worlds only: The [Red Familiar Card], purchased from the Cash Shop, also has a small chance to immediately Rank-Up the chosen Familiar while resetting its Potentials.
    Familiar Badges


    • Familiar Badges can be earned by collecting various Familiars.
    • Up to 38 Badges can be unlocked, each one providing a different stat bonus when equipped.
      • Many bonus stats from Badges can stack, however will only stack a limited amount of times.
      • For example: Badges can provide a maximum of +10 Max HP, +2% ATT, and +15% Ignore DEF.
      • Some of the more powerful bonuses will not stack.
    • Up to 8 Badges can be equipped at any time.
    • Familiars that are acquired and then Extracted still count towards unlocking Familiar Badges.
    • The full list of Badges, and what Familiars you need to collect to earn them, can be found in the List tab in the Familiar's Badges screen.
    Familiar Shop and Extraction


    • The Familiar UI now has a shop, where Familiar Points can be spent on a selection of items:
      • 1,000 Familiar Points: [Familiar Essence], which refills 50% of your Summon Gauge.
      • 7,500 Familiar Points: [Familiar Booster Pack], which contains 3 random Familiars. Can be purchased once per day.
      • 25,000 Familiar Points: [Suspicious Fauxmiliar Coupon], which creates a Suspicious Fauxmiliar that can be used as Fusion material for any Familiar. Can be purchased once per week.
    • Familiar Points can be earned by Extracting unneeded Familiars, under the Collection -> Extraction tab. The amount of Familiar Points extracted increases based on the Familiar's Rank:
      • Normal: 10 Familiar Points
      • Rare: 15 Familiar Points
      • Epic: 30 Familiar Points
      • Unique: 40 Familiar Points
      • Legendary: 50 Familiar Points
    Changes to Existing Familiars:

    • Existing Registered Familiars will be granted Potential bonuses equal to the Familiar Stats that they held previously if a similar Potential is available.
      • If a Familiar's old Potential does not exist, it will be replaced with another Potential, such as STR/DEX/LUK/INT +1.
      • All existing Familiars with only one effect will also be given a second Potential, set as STR/DEX/LUK/INT +1.
    • Familiar Cards that have not yet been used when the update arrives will act the same as Familiar Cards acquired after the update.
    • Familiars will have their rank changed to the equivalent rank in the new system:
      • Common -> Common
      • Special -> Rare
      • Rare -> Epic
      • Legendary -> Unique
    • Those players that acquired the same card multiple times to increase a Familiar's vitality will up to 3 of those Familiars registered.
    • Players with Familiars will have either 100 Familiar Slots, or their number of Familiars plus 20, whichever is higher.
      • Players with 0 Familiars: 100 Familiar Slots
      • Players with 50 Familiars: 100 Familiar Slots
      • Players with 90 Familiars: 110 Familiar Slots
      • Players with 150 Familiars: 170 Familiar Slots
    • Maplers that purchased the [Permanent Legendary Booster Pack] prior to the v.213 Update will be refunded with 7,500 Maple Points per pack purchased, due to the price and list change that comes with this update.
    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Will there be a method of checking a monster's information (area, level, HP, drop table) that is similar to how the Crusader Codex worked?
    A: No, the information that could be found in Crusader Codex will no longer be available.

    Q: How can Red Familiar Cards be obtained in Reboot or non-Reboot worlds?
    A: Red Familiar Cards will be purchasable with NX in the Cash Shop in non-Reboot worlds. There currently is no method to purchase this item in Reboot world.

    Q: How can Familiars reach the Legendary rank?
    A: Red Familiar Cards are required to rank up to Legendary, which can only be acquired in non-Reboot worlds.

    Q: How will Familiar Potential change when a Familiar's rank is increased? Are they re-randomized or would they tier up alongside the rank?
    A: When a Familiar ranks up, their Potentials will be reset, with the first Potential being randomly selected from those available to the new Rank, and the second Potential being randomly selected from those available to the lower Rank.

    Q: Will there be compensation for old Familiars that have more than one Vitality, or will the Vitality transfer?
    A: If a player has purchased 3 Familiar cards of the same kind to increase their Vitality, they will have 3 Familiars of that type registered when the system is revamped.

    Q: Will the drop rate of Familiar cards change (overall, as well as for each mob)?
    A: Drop rates of Familiar cards will not change with this update for now.

    Q: Will there be an option to hide Familiars or change their transparency?
    A: There is currently no option to hide or adjust the transparency of Familiars.

    Q: Will the registered Familiars (prior to revamp) be able to increase rank or use Red Familiar Cards, while still keeping their pre-revamp Familiar Effect potential?
    A: There are no restrictions on ranking up Familiars that were registered pre-revamp, but their Potentials will be reset upon rank-up or on use of the Red Familiar Card, just as it is with other Familiars.

    Q: If a monster registered before the update only has one effect (Potential for this case), will the second be blank or filled with a random effect?
    A: The second Potential will be filled in with a Potential bonus of STR/DEX/LUK/INT +1, as all Familiars will have 2 Potential lines.

    Q: Will old event Familiars (SAO, Eluna, etc.), as well as non-obtainable Familiars (Kerning Square, Florina Beach, etc.) be able to go through the same upgrades as the new Familiars?
    A: They will be able to go through the same upgrade system as all other Familiars.

    Q: Can players trade in duplicate Familiar cards for Familiar Coins, and could purchase a booster pack voucher?
    A: Yes, Familiar Points can be obtained upon extracting Familiars, and it can be used to purchase items like a Familiar Booster Pack from the Familiar Shop.

    Q: Can you summon the same type of Familiars three times? If so, do the Potential and abilities stack?
    A: Yes, you can summon the same Familiar up to 3 times and the Potentials will stack, unless the Potential bonuses reach their stack restrictions.

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