Update on Cube Removal from Bosses

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    Hi Maplers,

    As the removal of Cubes from bosses in all worlds has been a recent hot topic in the community, we would like to share more details of the reasoning behind this implementation as well as our plans to address the community concerns. While implementing the Cubes and Rebirth Flames Obtainment Improvements as part of the Better Maple changes in the v.224 update, our goal was to improve the obtainment experience by removing the Cube and Rebirth Flame items that dropped at a chance from bosses and adding them to Elite Monsters and Elite Champions instead. We believed that this change would lower the hurdle of obtaining these items by allowing players to obtain them while training in maps where Elite Monsters and Elite Champions appear frequently. Our goal was to increase the accessibility of obtaining these items, as well as to provide better experiences through future boss reward revamps.

    However, we realized that we may have overlooked the inconvenience this change would cause to players who rely on bosses as their primary source of obtaining Cubes. We apologize for not taking this into consideration when we worked on the change, and for not providing a detailed announcement ahead of time.

    After the v.224 Patch Notes and game update went live, we kept a close eye on players’ feedback and saw the concerns regarding the Cube removal change. We urgently reviewed the decision to remove Cubes from bosses. We decided that, while keeping Cubes as drops from Elite Monsters and Elite Champions, we will add Cubes back to the boss rewards in all worlds, but at a lower obtainment of 70-80% of the amount that players used to obtain from bosses prior to the v.224 update. We plan to implement this change before the upcoming weekend during an unscheduled maintenance. Please keep an eye on the News page of our Official MapleStory website for more details on the upcoming maintenance.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and we will continue to monitor different aspects of the game to improve your MapleStory experience.

    - The MapleStory Team

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