[Updated February 7] Pink Bean Bulletin: Update #2 on Lag and Server Instability Issues

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    [Updated February 7 at 5:08 PM PST] As mentioned on this post, we are asking our Maplers to fill out this brief survey about your experience with the performance of specific NA Reboot world channels after the February 4 maintenance. Please fill out this survey by Wednesday, February 9th (before maintenance). Thank you!

    Greetings Maplers,

    Last week we mentioned that we were trying to do 3 things to troubleshoot and investigate the ongoing lag issues. We would like to give an update on what we have observed over the past week after applying the changes. We also reached out for player feedback with a short survey earlier this week, asking players to rate how they felt the lag was on each channel.

    Moving the servers within the service provider

    We attempted to move the 20 affected channel servers with the service provider, but this didn’t seem to change much of the performance. Channel loading took the same amount of time and not much appeared to change in terms of lag when we reviewed the player survey we sent out, as well as during our internal testing.

    Setting changes for Reboot world channels 2, 5, and 8

    We had applied additional setting changes to these channels in Reboot world, but after internal testing and review of the player survey responses, there were only a few improvements but nothing definitive.

    Hardware spec changes for Reboot world channels 4 and 6

    After putting channels 4 and 6 on a server with different hardware specs, we actually saw channel 4 improve in terms of the channel loading time. Unfortunately, playing on it felt worse than before the change, and we also saw similar comments from players in the survey. Channel 6 seemed to have improved the most from all the changes in terms of time loading the channel, logs that were generated, and the feel of in-game playing.

    Reboot World Maintenance

    After today’s Reboot world maintenance, we are going to apply the same changes we did for Reboot channel 6 to Reboot channels 4, 11, 14, 18, 26, 27, and 28 since we saw the most improvement with this change.

    Reboot channels 29 and 30 will have some settings changed like we did for channels 2, 5, 8 but using a different method.

    Although our team monitors these changes and does extensive testing internally to determine if there are any improvements to these channels, we hope to validate the results we see with direct feedback from our players in a live environment. We will post the next survey to gather information after this weekend when the channels have had some time to settle in with the new changes. The survey link will be provided here in this post as well as posted in our community platforms.

    Last but not least, we are also aware there are concerns on the other worlds that have similar lag issues. We believe our findings from investigating the Reboot world lag and server instability issue will provide insight on that of other worlds as well.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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