[Updated July 31] Star Force, Transfer Hammer, Equipment Trace Transfer Temporarily Disabled

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    [Updated July 31 at 4:00 PM PDT]

    Hi all,

    We’d like to provide clarity into the issues we encountered over the weekend. We discovered issues with the Sunny Sunday Star Force perk which caused equipment to have irregular stats. In order to mitigate the effects of the issue and allow us time to investigate a resolution, we decided to temporarily disable Star Force enhancements, Transfer Hammer, and Equipment Trace transfer systems while we continued to work on a resolution as well as compensation.

    We apologize that this action was done suddenly, and realize that these systems being disabled has caused players a lot of inconvenience. We discussed several options for responding to the issue and decided to avoid another maintenance. Ultimately, the decision was made to prevent further enhancements of these irregular items, and allow us a better opportunity to correct the issues with the items.

    There are two core issues that we are investigating with the way the event handled items.

    1. In the case of gloves being enhanced, there were instances where the enhancement would not gain the correct amount of stat increase.
      • When enhancing from 6 -> 8, 8 -> 10, or 10 -> 12 stars, extra ATT were being incorrectly added during the enhancement.
      • When enhancing from 5 -> 7, 7 -> 9, or 9 -> 11 stars, ATT that should have been applied with the enhancement was not applied to the item.
    2. For all weapons and equipment, when enhancing from 4 -> 6 stars, extra stats gained from enhancing from 5 -> 6 stars (that should have been applied with the enhancement) was not applied to the item.

    Please be aware that some of the items affected by this issue may have been in the Auction House, circulated through trades, or enhanced further. We intend to adjust the stats of these items to address the issue encountered this past weekend. Note that these items can either gain or lose some stats depending on the situations described above.

    In this week’s maintenance we intend to:

    • Adjust the stats of the glove items affected by issue #1 above.
    • Re-enable the Star Force enhancement, Transfer Hammer, and Equipment Trace transfer systems.

    In next week’s maintenance, we plan to adjust the stats for the equipment and weapons affected by issue #2 above. We will also continue to investigate any other issues where equipment may have received incorrect stats after Star Force enhancement. After these maintenances, if you still find an item affected by these issues with incorrect stats, please contact Customer Support and we will continue to investigate.

    Lastly, as compensation for these issues, we plan to add the following perks to the August 5th Sunny Sunday:

    • Receive 100% success rate when Star Force enhancing equips from 5 stars, 10 stars, and 15 star
    • Receive 30% off when you do Star Force enhancements

    We also plan to run an additional 2x EXP and Drop event on Saturday August 4th.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience these issues have caused and we hope to provide more updates as we have them.

    Thank you,

    Dennis “SavageAce” Bernardo

    There is currently an issue with the Sunny Sunday perk for Star Force Enhancements and we have temporarily disabled Star Force, Transfer Hammer, and Equipment Trace Transfer while we investigate the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    - MapleStory Team

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