[Updated July 5] Maple Memo: GMS Roadmap Q3 2023

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    Hi Maplers,

    We’re here to share our Roadmap for Q3 2023! As always, please be mindful that it will list the notable updates but not everything that will be included in each patch. We recommend waiting for the respective update’s Update Preview post or Patch Notes post for details.


    • v.243 Update (mid-July)
      • Guild Castle
      • Shangri-La
      • New Boss Kaling
      • Exceptional Enhancement
      • Journey Toward the Sixth Star
      • [Wongstaurant] Goodbye! Last Order
      • Zero and Beast Tamer Creation
    • v.244 Update (end of August)
      • Grand Athenaeum: Maple Chronicle
      • Quality of Life Updates
      • Reboot World Boss Rewards
      • Tactical Relay Event
      • World's Best Punch King
      • Spiegelmann and the Secret Ring Shop
      • Burning World Leap
      • Fairy Bros’ Golden Giveaway


    v.243 - Guild Castle

    Is your guild looking for a place to call home? Introducing the Guild Castle! Here, there are many rooms for different activities. Whether you’re trying to enhance your gear with Star Force, or wanting to relax in a pool with your guildies, the Guild Castle has it all. There is even a room where members of different guilds can stop by and say hi.

    v.243 - Shangri-La

    Level 275 or higher Maplers will be able to explore the new lands of Shangri-La. Hidden behind a picture, Shangri-La offers new NPCs, monsters, and quests for you to prepare in case of invasion.

    v.243 - New Boss Kaling

    Are you strong enough to fight the new boss Kaling? Stop the Apostle of Gerand Darmoor, Kaling, in the new boss fight. Stop her from invading Shangri-La before it’s too late!

    v.243 - Exceptional Enhancement

    Exceptional Parts can be obtained when defeating Extreme Mode Bosses which allow for Exceptional Enhancements. Use these Exceptional Enhancements that have a 100% chance of success on gear you deem worthy.

    v.243 - Journey Toward the Sixth Star

    A new star is coming to Maple World, a new source of power beyond anything that's come before. The heroes of MapleStory must collect star fragments to create the Sixth Star and unlock its power. Start preparing now as the Sixth Job quests will become available at Lv. 260 later this year, with new story content, new quests to complete, and greater foes to test your newfound power in MapleStory!

    v.243 - [Wongstaurant] Goodbye! Last Order

    In v.243, the Wongstaurant Story events are coming to a close. We hope you had a great time and ate lots of tasty food because the ‘[Wongstaurant] Goodbye! Last Order’ event will mark the last week of the Wongstaurant Story events.

    v.243 - Zero and Beast Tamer Creation

    It’s that time again to create the Zero and Beast Tamer jobs! These two jobs feature unique gameplay and can help build your Legion and link skills. If you haven’t created them yet, be sure to try them out. They can only be created for a limited time so don’t miss your chance!

    v.244 - Grand Athenaeum: Maple Chronicle

    New stories about each class will be added to Grand Athenaeum: Maple Chronicle for the Maplers that want to reminisce about their journey so far. Come take a break and look upon your past memories as you prepare for the future!

    v.244 - Quality of Life Updates

    Lots of improvements are arriving to make your Maple life better, including:

    • The quests in the region of Tenebris will be improved which allows for them to be completed faster.
    • Arcane Symbol and Sacred Symbol Selector Coupons will now randomly drop from monsters in their respective areas to allow for faster progression.
    • The Magnus boss fight will be adjusted for boss attack range and damage patterns, in order for you to evade more easily. Other boss fights including Black Mage, Chosen Seren and will also be adjusted to increase your chance of survival.
    • Buff effects will remain applied when your character dies without the need for you to use a buff retaining item. The Buff Freezer item will be removed from the Cash Shop before this patch.
    • [Updated July 5] Get ready for more mesos! You will now be able to hoard up to 499,999,999,999 mesos in your possession. You will also be able to list more items in the Meso Market, up to 100 per day.
    • The tradability of Dawn Boss Set, Pitched Boss Set, and other Boss Accessories will be changing to allow a limited number of Platinum Scissors of Karma to be used.
      • Platinum Scissors of Karma limits will be added to Eternal Equipment and other boss pendants.

    v.244 Reboot World Boss Rewards

    The conditions for earning boss rewards in Reboot world will be adjusted. When 2 or more players enter a boss battle as a party, only those players who contribute a certain amount of damage to the boss will receive rewards including Intense Power Crystals.

    v.244 - Tactical Relay Event

    The Tactical Relay Event is coming back! Start prepping your characters now as you will be able to use up to 9 characters in this event. Use your characters to complete various tasks such as defeating monsters near your level or completing Arcane River daily quests. You don’t want to miss out on the awesome chair and growth rewards for this event so make sure to look into the details when v.244 goes live.

    v.244 - World’s Best Punch King

    Who is the strongest in all of Maple World? The World’s Best Punch King is a challenge for all characters to test their strength. There are rewards for many to strive for so give it your best! The strongest Maplers of each job will earn additional rewards such as special chairs to prove their strength.

    v.244 - Spiegelmann and the Secret Ring Shop

    As many know, event rings play a huge role in MapleStory. Some players want meso and drop rings for their main characters while others want rings to gear up their mule characters. Maybe you're starting anew and need some rings to give you the boost you need. Well, Spiegelmann has what you need in his Secret Ring Shop.

    v.244 - Burning World Leap

    For those of you that have been training hard in Burning World, it’s now time you take a leap over to Scania, Bera, Aurora, Elysium or Luna (if you played in EU Burning World)! Reap the benefits from your hard work as Burning World comes to a close.

    v.244 - Fairy Bros’ Golden Giveaway

    The Fairy Bros will return with another attendance event to help you earn lots of items! Stay logged in for at least 1 hour to earn an attendance check, and then get special rewards every 7 days you check in.

    We hope you’re excited by this high-level view of the content and events arriving to GMS in v.243 - v.244 2023. As always, our goal with these roadmaps is to provide information that players may be curious about and assist players with advanced preparation. Please keep in mind that there is more content on the way in addition to those listed above, so we advise players to refer to the Update Preview post and Patch Notes post for the finalized details for every game update. If plans change due to unforeseen circumstances, we will have a mid-update post to inform players of the changes to the proposed timeline.

    Thank you,
    Mjollnir and the MapleStory Team

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