[Updated] Maple Memo: Important Announcement About Jett Characters

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    Greetings Maplers,

    It’s Mjollnir here and I wanted to deliver this message to you all personally. I know it has been a while since I last communicated with you all. I realized I haven't actually introduced myself previously before I started my Pink Bean Bulletins last year. I guess I’ll start with that. I have been working on MapleStory behind the scenes for a while now working with SavageAce on the operational side of things since late 2017. I also worked with Anna while she was the Producer here, still on the operational side of things. This past year and a half, I’ve been working with SavageAce again, but this time with him as the Senior Producer and me as the Producer.

    With that, the MapleStory Team and I have a very difficult announcement regarding one of our beloved classes, Jett. After careful consideration, we have decided to disable Jett’s character creation after today’s maintenance, and remove Jett as a playable character around February 2024.

    Jett is unique in that it’s a class that is available in Global MapleStory. This creates development challenges when we create future content suitable for all MapleStory regions. As new content needs to work for all of MapleStory’s 50+ classes, it adds complications when focusing on one region-specific class. Current Jett players may have noticed that new content sometimes contains bugs that only affect the Jett class, and these bugs can be difficult to resolve. Going forward we want to focus our development efforts on high quality content that can be enjoyed by all players, such as new content and features that will be released in the future. We’ll be sure to provide more details about these exciting updates through our continued roadmaps and Maple Memos. Making the decision to remove Jett from Global MapleStory was not easy, but we believe this course of action will allow us to provide a better service to you Maplers. We understand this news may not come easily to our passionate fans and existing Jett players, and we understand the concerns this may cause. While additional details are to come, we would like to provide an overview on expected changes.

    We want to assure our existing Jett players that we have a plan in place to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. We will be hosting a Jett Job Transfer event during the summer peak season with the first half of our Savior update (tentatively scheduled for June), in which we will allow existing Jett characters to transfer their character to one of the other 15 Explorer classes as listed below:

    • Hero
    • Paladin
    • Dark Knight
    • Arch Mage (Fire, Poison)
    • Arch Mage (Ice, Lightning)
    • Bishop
    • Bow Master
    • Marksman
    • Pathfinder
    • Night Lord
    • Shadower
    • Dual Blade
    • Buccaneer
    • Corsair
    • Cannoneer

    This event will run for several months between the summer and all the way through the winter game updates, providing ample time for Jett players to choose their new class and transfer their equipment.

    We know many of you have worked hard towards the progression of your Jett characters. We do have plans to transfer equipment, but further details on this process will be shared at a later time. Additionally, any Jett characters that have not transferred to a new class by the time the winter update ends (tentatively scheduled for early 2024), will be changed to Beginners. More information about the Jett Job Transfer will be shared in a future post.

    While keeping in mind Jett’s unique skills such as Legion Block and Link Skill, we have also planned additional compensation for existing Jett characters. Please see the details below.

    Compensation for Each Jett Character that Completes the Jett Job Transfer Event

    Each Jett character that is transferred will receive the following items.

    • Character Name Change Coupon (x1): Untradeable. 7-day duration.
    • Jett Job Default Avatar Coupon (x1): Untradeable. 7-day duration. Resulting item is permanent.
    • Anti-Gravity Cycle SFF-X Mount Coupon (x1): Untradeable. 7-day duration. Resulting item is permanent.
    • Cerberus Symbol Coupon (x1): Untradeable. 7-day duration. Resulting item is permanent.
      • Item Description: Jett Job Symbol Cash Effect

    Compensation Given Once Per Account After Completing the Jett Job Transfer Event

    You will receive the following rewards once per account after completing the Jett character transfer.

    • [Updated] Trace of Jett (x1): Tradeable within world. Consumable, 1-year duration. Use this skill item to obtain the following effects:
      • Link Skill: All stats, Attack Power, Magic ATT + 35. This skill item is available for 1 year. It can be moved and used freely over this duration.
      • Legion Skill: Passive: Critical Damage Increase: +6%. This skill item is available for 30 days after activation.
          • How to use trace of Jett:
            • The skill item will last for 365 days, during which used and traded within world.
            • The effects will last for 30 days after the skill item is used. Once expired, the skill item can be used again to obtain the effects again.
    • Magnificent Growth Potion (x1): Tradeable within world. 7-day duration.
    • Growth Potion Selector Coupon (x1): Untradeable. 7-day duration.
    • Nodestone (x100): Tradeable within world. 7-day duration.
    • Symbol Selector Coupon (Arcane x100 / Sacred x20) (x1): Tradeable within world. 7-day duration.
    • 3x EXP Coupon (15 min) (x10): Tradeable within world. 7-day duration.

    We understand that our players have invested a lot of time and effort into their Jett characters, and we want to thank you for your dedication to playing this class and to MapleStory as a whole. While we regret having to share this news, we hope that the job transfer event will help you continue your journey in MapleStory.

    Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


    Producer - MapleStory

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