[Updated] Maple Memo: Regarding the v200 Update Patch

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    [Updated November 15] A previous version of this message stated that we intend to give out 17-Star Absolab weapons to all character jobs. We failed to mention that this excludes Zero. The message has been adjusted to clarify this.

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you all are enjoying the first part of the Black Mage patches. Yesterday was obviously pretty rough, but on behalf of everyone here, I wanted to say that we are glad you can finally get into the game and check out the new content and events. We have a lot more planned in the next few weeks, and we’re closely monitoring all of your feedback, issues, questions, and concerns and will try to address them as quickly as possible.

    The first topic I wanted to talk about are the issues with yesterday’s extended maintenances. During our internal testing, we identified a few issues with the content and events being released that we wanted to fix before release.

    • There were inconsistent results we were seeing with the in-game cutscenes being played when testing on multiple different machines. Our developers and internal teams attempted several different solutions to try to resolve the issues, but ultimately we had to make the decision to allow them to play muted so that our players can see the cutscenes. We’re continuing to discuss this issue and hope to provide a better solution for our players.
    • Creating and deleting Burning characters were also getting inconsistent results when testing them on a different worlds and accounts. Due to how important and highly anticipated this event was, we needed to take some time to fully address these issues.
    • Some in-game flow issues were identified with the Maple Alliance Oupost content that we wanted to address for better player comprehension.

    For some of these issues, due to the different structure of our live server as opposed to our test servers, these issues were not immediately apparent to the team. For the Kanna and Lady Blair quest issues we encountered and fixed in the unscheduled maintenance, these were changes and features that we had not intended to implement, so there was less focus for our teams to look into these areas prior to the launch. We will use this opportunity to improve our processes to ensure these issues don’t reoccur. We do truly apologize for the inconvenience these extended and unscheduled maintenances caused you.

    Next I’d like to touch on the subject of Kanna and Kishin. Before our patch was released yesterday, we saw a lot of concern regarding changes to Kanna and Kishin and speculation on what that change would be. While we did have some issues yesterday with a change to Kishin being implemented unintentionally, what I can reiterate to you all is that we do not yet have any concrete details about our plans to revamp Kanna.

    In my message about Kishin, we outlined that we recognize specific concerns and issues both we and the players see with the Kanna class overall. We are still committed to try to address those specific concerns. We understand how important this is to our players, so as we continue to discuss Kanna, we will take those concerns into our consideration when we set our direction for future changes.

    As we mentioned in the past, we try to ensure that what we implement is beneficial for our players and our game.

    Finally, I’d like to briefly discuss some of the issues and questions that players have raised:

    • Marvel Machine codes not being able to be redeemed
      • We’re currently looking into this issue and will provide an update when we can. For now, we suggest you do not try to claim Marvel Machine codes until the issue is resolved.
    • Determination not being able to be turned in
      • This was an oversight on our part in the Patch Notes when describing the Spark of Determination. Players won’t be able to turn in any Determination yet or use them to acquire Alliance Medals until November 28. We’ve clarified these in our Patch Notes and urged players to continue collecting as much Determination as they can in preparation for November 28th.
    • Many players asking if Beast Tamer will be available for Tera Burning Project event
      • Beast Tamer will be available for creation in early December with plenty of time to participate in Tera Burning. We have added this info to the Tera Burning Project section of the Patch Notes.
    • Clarification of Sunny Sunday Perk for November 25
      • The 2x Arcane Symbol from the Daily Quest perk will also apply to Esfera daily quests. This has been updated in our Patch Notes.
    • Inconsistent messaging with Maple Relay Tier 4 Reward Box description
      • This is a text error in the description. We intend to give out a 17-Star Unique Absolab Weapon and this box should work for all character jobs except Zero.
    • Some players are crashing on the Character Select screen
      • We’ve identified a cause of a random crash that involves displaying an NPC ID. This will be addressed in a future maintenance. We’re still looking into other possible causes.
    • Some players experiencing slow patch speeds
      • Our Nexon Launcher team is currently looking into possible causes for this issue.
    • Some characters unable to talk to Dame Appropriation in Alliance worlds
      • We’re aware and currently checking this issue.
    • Some characters getting stuck in the Maple Alliance Outpost map
      • We’re aware and currently checking this issue.

    We know that there are many more issues players may be reporting so we’ll do our best to look into them as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Dennis “SavageAce” Bernardo

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