KMS User Advisory Group Activity Begins

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    A new notice on the MapleStory homepage about the user advisory group has been posted. It gives some more details on how it will be run and some of the topics they will be focusing on.

    Hello, this is MapleStory.

    We are notifying you about the beginning of the user advisory group’s activity in May 2021, which we talked about at the customer conference on April 11. The user advisory group has begun activity to create a better MapleStory by communicating with customers about major changes in the game.

    Since this is the first time such activity has been attempted in MapleStory, we decided that it would be better to make decisions together through discussion starting from the operation methods. We had a meeting with the representatives of the customer conference on April 30.

    We will share the stories which we discussed at the meeting, and at the same time, we will notify you on how the user advisory group will operate in the future.

    <User Advisory Group Operation Direction Meeting Discussion’s Information>

    • Date: April 30, 2021 from 3:00 PM ~ 9:30 PM (including a 1 hour dinner)
    • Participants: 10 members of the user advisory group (10 representatives from the customer conference), general director Kang Won-ki, operation team leader Lee Geun-woo, event staff
    • Meeting Topic: User advisory group’s operation methods and topics that need to be discussed with higher priority
    • Discussion Information:

    1. The customer advisory group’s name has been changed to the ‘user advisory group’.
    As gamers who care about MapleStory, we discussed using the ‘user advisory group’ as the official name so that we can give more focused opinions about the game.

    2. The user advisory group will be active for a total of 6 months. (May 6 ~ October 31)
    We discussed being active for a period of 6 months, long enough to discuss major changes to the game and reflect on them.

    3. The size of the user advisory group has been expanded to a total of 10 people.

    1. As we officially announced at the customer conference, we first contacted the 10 customer representatives if they wanted to participate in the user advisory group, and they all decided to do so.
    2. We had an in-depth discussion on how to select additional advisors to expand the number of members of the user advisory group, and we came to the conclusion that the selection process would require about 1 month of time.
    3. Since there are currently many problems which need to be solved urgently in MapleStory, we collected opinions that focusing on fast problem solving would be a better decision right now.
    4. Therefore, we finally decided that the user advisory group would be the 10 representatives of the customer conference. We think that they have proven that they will be able to represent users as they each are the top of the homepage rankings and have sufficient knowledge and experience in each field, and the ones chosen as community representatives can accept the opinions of many people.
    5. More than anything else, MapleStory’s priority is to improve any problems which were shared at the customer conference, and so we decided that the 10 representatives of the customer conference would become the user advisory group, and this has been confirmed as the final composition.
    6. The 10 user advisory group members are as follows. (ordered by character name)
      • 도감은월
      • 루델팡
      • 박세웅
      • 빈핑
      • 씰뇽
      • 왕토
      • 주퓨리
      • 콘파쿠유튜브
      • 타키매너70
      • 테러비터
    7. For the next user advisory group, we will find a more reasonable plan for the selection and number of members based on the experience of this user advisory group.

    4. During the user advisory group’s activity period, we will have at least 1 online meeting per month to discuss major topics.

    1. We will prioritize major topics and make conclusions through in-depth discussions for each topic. The standard will be at least 1 online meeting per month, and offline meetings may be held depending on the situation.
    2. We will notify you as soon as possible through a notice for any decisions on development direction made through the monthly meetings. We will also inform you about any other information which was discussed.
    3. However, in order to minimize any confusion that may occur if we share unconfirmed situations, we ask for your understand that they may only provide detailed information when the development information becomes concrete or developed to a level where it can be immediately reflected in the game. We will also share opinions with the user advisory group in advance about what information will be discussed.

    5. The user advisory group will receive the development information necessary for discussion, and to prevent misuse of that information, we have established information protection methods at the same level required for Nexon employees, such as account monitoring and information protection pledges.

    1. Certain topics may be difficult to discuss without development information, and in these cases, we will provide the necessary information and data to the user advisory group. This can be information used to accurately recognize current problems based on past or present data information, so please understand that it would be difficult to disclose it externally as it is internal material which requires security.
    2. The sharing of development information is based on trust in the user advisory group’s morality and responsbility. However, in order to strengthen our mutual trust and the trust of many people who will support the activity of the user advisory group, they have agreed to procedures to protect development information.
    3. Before we provide development data, the user advisory group will vote amongst themselves whether or not they will look at it. The user advisory group can reject any material which is decided to have information which could affect the usage of the game. Their responsibility is reinforced through this as they will decide if they want to see the materials themselves..
    4. All members of the user advisory group have signed a confidentiality agreement. It details information such as using development information to influence the game economy/systems, taking personal adtange, and discolosing information to others.
    5. The user advisory group’s game usage records will be regularly monitored by Nexon and will be checked constantly for information abuse.

    6. There are 11 topics which will be discussed with priority with the user advisory group.
    We prioritized topics which need direction quickly. In the future, we will discuss together with the user advisory group to rearrange the priorities and notify information about each topic. In addition, we will add more topics which need discussion.

    • How to apply the Additional Options Transfer Ticket
    • Improve Cube lines which were set based on past standards
    • Boss rewards reorganization
    • Equipment enhancement experience reorganization
    • Reboot World reorganization direction
    • Test world operation method reorganization
    • Discussion board reorganization
    • Link Skills reorganization
    • Character growth experience reorganization
    • Formation of operation policy on proxy growth
    • Solution to the meso inflation problem

    We have notified you about the discussions on the operation direction of the user advisory group we had together with the 10 members above. In the future, information about the decisions made through discussions with the user advisory group will be provided through notices on the homepage.

    We would like to say thank you again to the 10 users who gave their personal time to decide on the activity of the user advisory group. All of the MapleStory developers will do their best so that the user advisory group’s activity can bring better changes to MapleStory.

    We are continuously listening to every user’s opinions through the discussion board and customer centre. We ask for your support and expectations for the changes MapleStory will make in the future together with users.

    Thank you,

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