v.245 - Midnight Carnival - Nautilus Update Preview

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    It’s becoming spooky season in Maple World and the Night Troupe is back to celebrate Halloween! Rank up your Designer Rank by participating in all the festivities and hunting monsters. Festival Decorating will provide new ways to decorate the festival booths as you rise through the ranks, giving you passive buffs. Looking to decorate your home to keep up with the times? The [Home] Halloween event is back with new surprises. Let’s not forget that this update also comes with a Permanent Secondary Pendant Slot for all Maplers! Enjoy your time in Nautilus as you attend the Midnight Carnival!


    The Night Troupe festival of dreams and illusions is back for Halloween! As your Designer Rank improves every week, you’ll be able to participate in more and more of the festivities.

    Starting the week off as a Junior, you’ll have to decide whether to hunt treasure with Spiegelmann or Kyrin. You’ll get to re-choose which side you’re on every week so don’t think too hard about it! You’ll also get to enjoy a fantastic fireworks show that provides buffs to all every night of the event!

    As a Senior you’ll be able to either gain experience over at Spiegelette’s Potion Bar, or traits through Tangyoon’s Crazy Feast. Just sit back and relax as you reap the benefits.

    As a Veteran, you’ll get to test your shot at the Lawless Nautilus Shooting Range. Aim wisely, as what you hit will determine your reward!

    Win it big on your final week at the Midnight Carnival when you become a Master. On the 4th floor, you will be tasked with finding the real Spiegelmann. Watch out, as two of them are pirates in disguise. You’ll also get the chance to play Shulynch’s Pirate Roulette. Whatever the arrow lands on is your prize!


    Querencia is celebrating Halloween once again this year with some new surprises in store. Play through a special story chapter for the Home content to unlock a special Shopping category full of Halloween-themed Furnishings and Blueprints. This time around, you’ll even have the chance to expand your Halloween Manor to a 3-story house. Make sure to check out this limited time event before it’s gone!


    Hallowkitty is back and ready to reward Maplers that help her out. By completing a daily mission, you’ll be able to receive one of two Cat Ears, a Halloween Candle Chair, and a Night Cat Damage Skin. There’s even a Hidden Mission and reward for those who seek them out!


    The dark magician triplets, Melky, Balther, and Casper, have found another ancient artifact! Get ready to defeat monsters, so you can gather Sweet Snacks. You’ll need these Sweet Snacks to get the mysterious power of the Magic Slate from the triplets. You’ll gain Experience from collecting Sweet Snacks every day and will be rewarded with a Strength Buff that is determined by how many Sweet Snacks you turn in!


    The time has come for the Secondary Pendant Slot to be unlocked for all Maplers permanently. With the Permanent Secondary Pendant Slot making its way into the game, you will no longer need coupons to unlock the slot!


    Finally, all those outfits you’ve been hoarded can be transferred to the character of your choice with the Cash Inventory Transfer Event! Make sure you pay attention to the dates listed in the upcoming patch notes and plan accordingly.


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