What's Your MapleStory? - Euri

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    MapleStory is a constantly evolving game, full of heroes, villains, and everything in between. But none of them are as important to us as you, our players who make Maple World what it is! The history of MapleStory is a long and winding one, but now we'd like to turn the attention to you, and hear more about your own journeys that you've taken as MapleStory has grown over the years. The question we'd like to ask you all is: What's Your MapleStory? If you'd like to submit your story, you can do so via this form.

    For today's edition of What's Your MapleStory, we spoke to Euri about their journey through MapleStory!


    How were you first introduced to MapleStory?

    I was initially introduced to MapleStory through some middle school friends back in 2008! We didn't have the best computers back then, so finding an MMO without constantly lagging proved to be a little difficult. Luckily, MapleStory wasn't as hardware-intensive and looked like a great game to train, complete party quests, and battle bosses together! Funny enough, some of my friends from back then still play with me today.

    What is your favorite memory while playing MapleStory?

    Although this feature doesn't exist anymore, I would have to say one of my favorite memories while playing MapleStory was waking up early in the morning to try and secure an FM spot with my guild (shoutout Prelude). Back then, we would communicate to each other through Skype to try and help each other secure a decent spot. The thrill of getting a good spot and waking up to your items being sold was an incredible feeling as a thirteen year old kid.

    Another favorite memory of mine is progressing through a variety of bosses with old and new friends! It's amazing how many people you can meet when you try to form a party for difficult runs. I remember my first hard party boss attempt was Lucid. Our party at the time would continuously practice and help each other improve until we managed to successfully clear the boss. Being able to see the fruits of your labor with a party of familiar and new faces is a fulfilling feeling. Throughout the years, I continued to progress through various bosses with different parties and I was fortunate enough to get carried through most of them (sorry for being so heavy guys). My most recent boss feat, Kalos, was actually completed with the same group of friends back in 2008! It's crazy to think that we went from camping out FM spots to defeating one of the more difficult bosses in MapleStory today!

    [​IMG]Which class do you main and what in particular do you like about it?

    I'm an Ark main! Initially when the class came out, I grew attached to his dark and edgy vibe - which, interestingly enough, was completely opposite to my IRL vibe. I guess that's the role-playing perk that comes along with MapleStory! Aside from the unique vibe, the skill animations and massive damage output were very appealing to me. The class provides support to your party members, insane burst damage, multiple invincibility frame skills, and the capability to fly around the map with your abilities. However, if you hate the color red - this class is probably not for you!

    What do you enjoy about MapleStory today?

    Although I don't play as much these days, my most enjoyable moment about the game will always be the community of friends that I made along the way. Growing up as an only child proved to be a little lonely at times - but MapleStory has blessed me with a group of amazing peers that I am grateful to call my good friends. As we grew older, many of us took a break from the game or completely retired - but many of us came back due to the excessive amount of free time we had during Covid. In a sense, we grew up together and developed meaningful relationships in and out of the game. We even had our first group trip together recently to Las Vegas and are planning our second trip to Nashville (still down to change the location for this guys btw)! So although progressing my character is enjoyable in itself, nothing will beat the close friends I have met along the way - and for that I am forever grateful for this 2-D mushroom game, MapleStory.


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