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    MapleStory is a constantly evolving game, full of heroes, villains, and everything in between. But none of them are as important to us as you, our players who make Maple World what it is! The history of MapleStory is a long and winding one, but now we'd like to turn the attention to you, and hear more about your own journeys that you've taken as MapleStory has grown over the years. The question we'd like to ask you all is: What's Your MapleStory? If you'd like to submit your story, you can do so via this form.

    For today's edition of What's Your MapleStory, we spoke to Nokuo, a dedicated player who shares about her love for Kanna and jump quests~


    How did you first start playing MapleStory?

    My sister and I have been playing Maplestory for 12 years now and I was 9 years old when we first started. I started playing MapleStory when I came across an advertisement for it on a browser-based game around 2007. The style had been very similar so it caught my attention immediately! The very first class I created was an Ice Lightning Archmage in Yellonde and I had a blast making memories with friends. MapleStory was the first MMORPG I downloaded and since I played it at such a young age it really helped me reach out to people across the world and make friends with others that I've never physically met.


    What is your favorite class and why?

    My favorite class has changed so many times over the years but as of now, it has to be the newly revamped Kanna. I always had a thing for mages and their art style really makes it special. What about the revamped Kanna did I like? LITERALLY EVERYTHING! From Shikigami Haugnting's redesign to the addition of more Ghost Yaksha. Kanna always allured me due to her Japanese style and cute little fox boy Haku. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard she was getting an overhaul. The new skill animations are absolutely astounding and Shikigami Doppelgangers sound as cool as it looks! She has become one of the best all-around classes in terms of damage, utility, and aesthetics. Thanks to these changes Kanna is now the highest level character I've ever made.

    What is your favorite memory in MapleStory?


    The strongest memory I have has got to be the first time I saw the advertisement for Maplestory and fell in love with the cute art style. Playing the game for the first time and even now has helped me develop a strong sense of creativity and deepen my love for game art, a field in which I find myself majoring in. I have several wonderful memories on MapleStory from dying to Crimson Balrog on the ship to Orbis to sitting in Crimson Wood Keep listening to the background music. I enjoyed the Carnival party quest, PvP, fox and sheep event and so much more! My favorite memory would have to be when I raced a bunch of people up the Henesys Pet Park. We all wanted to be the first one to the top but kept falling through the gaps. I had made a ton of friends that day and even joined my first guild. It took a lot of time and effort but the day I finally made it up there felt like I'd accomplished a great feat and it definitely prepared me for the Zakum jump quest. I was so intimidated by Zakum's many arms but with my new friends, we persevered! I remember my mother walking in on me in the middle of the battle and saying "Is that a stone octopus?!" This game has become such an important part of my life whether it been to snuff out stress or enjoy new updates with friends!


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