ZICO Concert Ticket Winners Selected!

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    MapleStory is heading toward its biggest update ever, as Maple World prepares for battle against the sinister Black Mage!

    The excitement starts now as MapleStory partners with ZICO’s “King of the Zungle” tour in the USA. The K-pop superstar is currently on his first solo world tour and MapleStory has tickets!

    If you entered to win tickets and leveled up in MapleStory, you should check your email! We have reviewed the entry forms and selected the lucky Maplers who will be joining ZICO in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.

    To claim your tickets, bring your photo ID to Will Call at the venue. If you are bringing a guest (your +1), make sure they bring their photo ID as well, since you will need to present both IDs to receive your tickets.

    Make sure to stick around in MapleStory, as the Black Mage update is just around the corner!

    Here are the character names of the lucky winners:

    VVIP (+ HiTouch) Winners
    AsobiAsobase ZZIACO
    Kekekeitsmeh ReviLum
    ArkWahIberg ItsTwoXBows
    fanxyjelly BattleMageXL
    ManacowXD xKimichi
    GA Winners
    GgoolDweji ZICOLychee
    VVIP (+ HiTouch) Winners
    Islanzadii ZicovaLyfe
    DanzaiShiki RoyalsDA
    VVIP (+ HiTouch) Winners
    popomegogogo CóøL
    Quackim BossHog
    Promenade (+ HiTouch) Winners
    EvanMuleLOL bonomana
    DanaV Hasaagi
    CountToSixty 07Panda
    Frjsja meppmeep
    NiehtL0rd Idiocity
    meeppmep Bainobu
    PickMePleez DarkLily7

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