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      Table of Contents:

      Note: Skills, Bossing, and Training information are found in their respective tabs of this guide
      1. Overview
      2. Energy Charge
        • Charging Up
        • Quick Charge Methods
        • Energy Skill Utilization
      3. Inner Ability & Legion
      4. Critical Hits
      1. Overview
      Aka the TL;DR

      Welcome from the future Buccaneer, those from v233 onwards! You are probably here because you wanted:
      • Flat Strength Legion Bonus
      • Saw some Damage Per Minute (DPM) charts on some forums
      • Want to pretend to be a Super Sand Saiyan
      • A Storage Mule
      Whatever the case may be, feel free to get an in depth guide on buccaneers.

      • Strong attacks with horizontal reach
      • 100 percent Knockback (KB) resistance by second (2nd) job
      • MP is not an issue due to passives
      • A strong rushing skill that can cancel other skill animations
      • Exclusive explorer pirate skills that boost storage space and swim speed
      • Very strong if given a boost to critical hits
      • Really good Fifth (5th) job skills
      • Ability to job change to Cannoneer or Corsair
      • Micromanaging required to maximize damage output. Buccaneer's energy system weighs in on this
      • It takes at least 40 seconds to fully set up (Hyper skill)
      • Requires multiple sources to boost critical hits
      • Pre 4th job might feel like a chore to play
      • Compared to explorer pirates (Cannoneer and Corsair), bucc has no verical mobility until 5th job
      2. Energy Charge
      Here's the in-depth part of the Energy Charge system.

      The three skills below are what cause a buccaneer to glow in power:
      Here's the two states of the energy meter. If the meter isn't showing up in-game, there is zero charge :


      Both gifs have similar amount of energy stored in the bar. The difference is one gain energy while uncharged from any hits dealt towards an enemy. While charged up, some attack skills will drain the energy bar until completely drained. This will result in the bar disappearing. A bucc will lose their energy bar if they die without safety measures, or if they disconnect.

      Charging Up
      How many hits does it take to actually charge up completely? I calculated the amount based on owning just Energy Charge skill, and the two upgrades that follow from gameplay.

      Upgrade Monster Hits Boss Hits
      Energy Charge 34 34
      Supercharge 34 17
      Ultra Charge* 29 15

      *To show you the difference between the boss and mob hit with Ultra Charge upgrade:

      Hitting multiple monsters monsters (mobs) in one skill will only count as one instance of a charge up.
      Summons from boss souls will not procure any charge.

      Quick Charge Methods
      Here are three ways to quickly charge up your energy. I set this up so you can click on the spoiler to see the example gifs.
      Skill Activation
      This method is partially effective to mobs.


      Energy Skill Utilization
      The tables below just summarizes every current skill in relations to Ultra Charge. You really don't need to know this information, unless you end up curious and start counting stuff.
      • Number of Uses = (10,000 Energy / Energy Cost), rounded up
      • Energy cost = Energy amount required to cast the skill while charged
      Skill Name Cost Uses
      Energy Vortex 85 118
      Hedgehog Buster 140 72
      Static Thumper 180 56
      Octopunch 150 67
      Double Blast 260 39
      Dragon Strike 180 56
      Power Unity 1500 7
      Howling Fist 1750 6

      Lord of the Deep

      The skill has been changed to use the same amount of energy regardless of charge status.
      Charged 100 100
      Uncharged 110 91

      Charged 40 250
      Uncharged 44 228

      This video shows the drain rate on mobbing. Note, factors such as multi kills and the time to kill will impact the drain rate.

      3. Inner Ability & Legion

      This is what is preferred on a bucc's inner ability:
      Line 1 20% Boss +30 ATK
      Line 2 & 3 20% Critical Rate 38% Buff Duration

      Depending on play style, one can either choose boss or attack. Critical Rate IA will help reaching 100% easier than alternative methods. This would help conserve Legion Board slots for critical damage.
      The buff duration is solely for convenience.

      For the Legion Board, these are the options that are prioritized from top to bottom:
      • Critical Damage
      • Boss
      • Ignore Enemy Defense
      • Main Stat
      • Attack
      4. Critical Hits

      As as buccaneer, another source of a buccaneer's power comes from chocolate nanomachines critical hits.

      By 4th Job, A bucc will have this amount of base critical rate/damage from it's own skills, excluding active skill and IA:
      • 40% critical rate
      • 15% critical damage
      It doesn't look like much, but buccs gain passive skills by third (3rd) job that gives the ability to critical hit any stunned enemy. One issue with this ability is only having 20% chance to stun with any attack, or 70% with Energy Burst/Hedgehog Buster. The other issue is the stun effect is resisted by bosses.

      With hyper skills and hyper stats alone, it can raise it up to:
      • 55% critical rate (65 post 5th job)
      • 65% critical damage (70 post 5th job)
      The closer one can reach 100% crit rate, the more stable the damage output will be. For bosses, only 80% crit rate is required to guarantee critical hits. Gaining more critical damage is basically more damage output, but it does get the job done.

      Some methods to obtain critical rate:
      Second or Third IA line (Up to 20%)
      Phantom Link Skill (10-15-20%)
      Decent Sharp Eyes (10%)
      Beat Tamer Link Skill (4-7-10%)
      Marksman Legion Card (1-2-3-4-5%)
      Night Lord Legion Card (1-2-3-4-5%)
      Weapon and Secondary Potential (8%)
      Some Boss Soul bonuses
      Legion Table (Up to 40% with 6000 Legion levels)
      Roll of the Dice (15-25-35% based on 4-faced dice rolled)

      Some methods to obtain critical damage:
      Base Stat on certain gear (Usually rings)
      Decent Sharp Eyes (8%)
      Potentials on gloves (8% crit dmg per line)
      Bonus potential (3% per line on gloves, 1% for the rest)
      Kinesis Link Skill (2-4%)
      Jett Legion Card (1-2-3-5-6%)
      Shade Legion Card (1-2-3-5-6%)
      Hayato Legion Card (1-2-3-5-6%)
      Legion Table (Up to 20% with 6000 Legion levels)
  • Skill Info

    A few things to note:
    • Skills that change into a stronger version to to energy will be presented: uncharged/charged
    • I wrote skill descriptions in my own words. You can look these skills up in game
    • Three skills with [#] next to them are explained in more detail on this Dice skill effect guide
    • The order of skills are in the order I find them in game via skill tab
    • The skills you don't max as a bucc are the following:
      1. Double Shot
      2. Tornado Uppercut/Energy Vortex
      3. Static Thumper
    1st Job
    Skill Name Description
    Somersault Kick Short range mobbing skill with some i-frames. Old Buccs remember the i-frames of the past
    Double Shot If you max this skill, idk what to say at this point of the guide.
    Octopush A very strong Flash Jump that can help or hinder you during bossing.
    Dash You probably won't use this on purpose, as Octopush exists.
    Shadow Heart Decent early boost to critical rate and damage. Every bit helps.
    Bullet Time Small speed/jump boost, which isn't bad to have.

    2nd Job
    Tornado Uppercut/Energy Vortex Gets the job done but not enough/Upgraded to reach ~20% farther +small damage boost
    Energy Charge Main passive for bucc. Scream until you start glowing
    Corkscrew Blow Also gets the job done. It's utility is noticeable with spiral assault
    Knuckle Booster Attack Speed boost
    Knuckle Mastery Stable Damage
    HP Boost The real deal is gaining 100% knockback. Explorer warriors don't get 100% until 4th
    Physical Training Free main/secondary stat
    Perseverance HP regen feels minor, but it's very noticeable with MP. Save on MP pots
    Dark Clarity Free attack stat

    3rd Job
    Spiral Assault A useful utility rush with animation cancel for quick escapes or rushes
    Energy Burst/Hedgehog Buster Just use Spiral Assault. Brutally slow and close range/ Range, damage and attack speed increased
    Supercharge Upgrade for Energy Charge
    Static Thumper Was cool back in Big Bang Era, but slow and requires to be cast on the ground
    [#]Roll of the Dice RNG dice skill. Welcome to gambling your time for a potential buff. Don't rely until 5th job
    Precision Strikes Crit related boosts. Should have 40% crit rate/15% crit damage clean at this point
    Stun Mastery Reinforces the idea that you should punch them silly until they die from your crits
    Admiral's Wings Doesn't work with boss ohkos or anti-afk, but it's noticeable with 1/1 attacks

    4th Job
    Octopunch Main bossing skill that gets the job done/ It gains 2 extra attack lines
    Dragon Strike Only works while charged/ A skill of the past converted into a nice enemy debuff
    Nautilus Strike Typical FMA but adds two extra lines to some skills
    Buccaneer Blast / Double Blast* Main mobbing skill (until 5th)/ 2x the range and it's very noticeable
    Crossbones Damage buff + extra passives
    Time Leap Doesn't work on Hypers or 5th job. However 100% uptime on Echo of Hero
    Speed Infusion Party attack speed buff, doesn't break soft cap for self. Winners do green drugs
    Maple Warrior Everyone gets this, even if in another name or deity
    Hero's Will 2 uses in a row with Time Leap
    [#]Double Down Upgrade for Roll of the Dice
    Ultra Charge Upgrade for Supercharge.
    Pirate's Revenge 25% chance to tank almost any OHKO from a boss. Damage boost is also a nice addition
    Typhoon Crush It's pretty good but it doesn't worth with elemental resistance

    *Bucc Blast got buffed with 35% speed buff as of v208, here is a before and after. This is with green potion on both.


    Hyper Actives
    Stimulating Conversation [150] A very useful skill that gives an instant charge when needed. Works regardless of charge status
    Power Unity [170] Only usable while charged. This skill requires management when bossing to keep the 40% critical damage up. It takes 40 seconds minimum to fully stack up this skill and energy
    Epic Adventurer [200] Everyone has this for their lvl 200 hyper, even if under another name. 10% damage boost for a minute, every other minute.

    Hyper Passives

    Starred* are recommended passives. If you are one tapping mobs with LoTD, you could move around some hypers into DD Saving Grace/Enchance to have better odds of rolling more [6]-sides
    Double Down
    Saving Grace RNG to help stabilize your Double Down RNG
    Addition The 7 may help a corsair more than a bucc due to Typhoon Crush
    Enhance This isn't as good as what Loaded Dice can do

    Reinforced* Small boost helps if you boss often
    Boss Rush* Obviously take this if you plan to boss
    Extra Strike* Extra line adds more output to boss

    Buccaneer Blast
    Reinforced* Take it if you need that small boost to one or two shot while training
    Spread It can be viable for training, but Lord of the Deep is too good
    Extra Strike* The extra line helps no matter if you boss or train

    5th Job
    Skill Nodes
    These are the skill nodes you want on a buccaneer

    Lord of the Deep A skill that makes bucc a walking AOE
    Meltdown Transformation with burst damage output and mobility. Super Saiyan at last
    Serpent Vortex A strong utility skill for some burst and movement
    Howling Fist A big burst skill with i-frames
    Rope Pull Makes bucc much more manageable with vertical mobility.
    [#]Loaded Dice Guaranteed 1 die roll of any choice + a passive attack bonus
    Erda Shower An FMA that helps with vertical and small maps
    Erda Nova Bind Utility if you plan to solo/aid in bosses
    Decent Holy Symbol Useful for training for obvious reasons
    Decent Sharp Eyes For that extra crit rate and damage
    Relentless Attack Special node that noticeably helps with energy uptime. Expensive early on unless you have nodes to burn

    Recommended Boost Nodes
    These are the skills you want to have in your boost nodes.
    Bucc blast is good if you can't reliably 1-2 tap with LoTD.
    Skills that don't show up are considered non-priority.

    Octopunch Bossing
    Buccaneer Blast/Double Blast Mobbing
    Power Unity Utility
    Dragon Strike Utility
    Nautilus Strike Utility
    Spiral Assault Rush
    Corkscrew Blow* Combo

    *Corkscrew Blow is viable for grinding due to it's gained utility from v178 Tune Up update, but consider it last.

    Here are two perfect trinodes to show them as an example:
  • Gameplay

    Note: This section is work in progress

    Buccaneer mobbing YouTube playlist: Here
    This playlist will update as I create more videos.

    Some tips when mobbing:
    • You can use the in-game Maple Guide to for training spots
    • Early training will feel very slow, the job itself takes a while to get better
    • Horizontal maps benefit you the most, especially 3rd job with Spiral Assault
    • Pre 5th job, you can spiral assault + corkscrew horizontal maps. Double Blast also works
    • With 5th job, Lord of the Deep helps with mobbing. You can either:
      • Charge up, then use LotD to mob until uncharged
      • Stay uncharged while using LotD, but use other attacks to prolong the duration of it
    • In addition to above, use both Meltdown and Stimulating conversation to quickly charge up
      • If you can afford it, consider getting Relentless Attack special node for energy uptime QoL
  • FAQ

    I will add F.A.Q. if they become a repeating question to me either on here, or in the DMs.

    If you need assistance with Buccs, I can be reached on:
    Discord: privateereck #5759

    I am in PDT time zone, just so you can get an estimate on the hour difference.
  • Guide Version


    Game Version



    - 0.8 Beta with in-guide DLC and microtransactions
    - 0.90 Organized the guide, and added Critical Hits, Training, Bossing, IA & Legion. Training and Boss Need to be improved.
    - 0.92 removed general training video, and added a clearer description on what passive hyper skills and boost nodes to use.
    -1 changed info related to LOTD and v.201 update
    -1.1 (8/31/2019) added the note with Nautilus Strike Final Attack lines becoming ineffective towards charging up in Glory Update for GMS + updating game version
    -1.15 (9/12/2019) added more 5th job nodes to take, gave an extra opinion on hyper passive recommendation, took new hyper stat levels into account
    -1.2 (10/22/2019) altered the info in relation to nautilus strike and added a before and after for new bucc blast animation
    -1.3 (2/6/2020) Removed a mention of Nautilus strike still affecting charge up times. How I miss those times.
    -1.4 (1/23/2021) Might have been late but added Howling Fist in skill info tab as well as the main body
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